justin bieber beats headphones Viterbo to stage ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’

cheap beats by dr dre headphones Viterbo to stage ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’

In playing the lead in Viterbo University’s production of “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,” Katarina Vandlik is walking in the footsteps of giants. Vanessa Redgrave originated the role of Jean Brodie, the charismatic but flawed teacher, on the London stage in 1966, and Maggie Smith turned in an Oscar winning performance in the 1969 movie version. “Some very talented actresses originated the role and led the way. I feel very humbled to be able to play the part.”

“The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,” which was adapted from the 1961 novel by Muriel Spark, centers on a young teacher at an elite school for girls in 1930s Scotland. The play follows Brodie and a small group of her favored students, known as “the Brodie Set,” from their first encounter with Brodie as pre teens until they blossoming as young women.

Brodie pushes the girls, grooming them for greatness with an education that goes outside the norms, giving primacy to art and music and diving deep into history while connecting it with the current social and political realities of the era. Her teaching methods and subjects are frowned on, however, by the powers that be at the school.

In the course of the play, the girls and the audience learn that for all her charisma and idealism, Brodie is flawed.

Neither Walters nor Vandlik were familiar with the play or movie before they began preparations for the production, but Walters said there are some basic things about the play that make it a perfect pick for the Viterbo theater program’s season this year. For one thing, the theater program has a lot of female students, and the play offers a lot of female roles. In addition, the play, set in Scotland, means the cast has a chance to work on a dialect, a great skill to have for students looking to hone their craft.

“I think it’s important to the play that we place the audience’s imagination in Scotland,” said Walters, who is in his 18th year teaching at Viterbo. “The students really have picked (the accent) up beautifully.”

Having been immersed in the play, which will have three performances next weekend at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts, the attractions of the seldom produced play beyond those basics have become clear for Walters.

“It’s an interesting play, and it raises interesting questions about idealism and about the power of it and the dark side of it,” Walters said. “It’s part of human nature. We’re attracted to somebody who can inspire and set us off on a new path, and we’re willing sometimes to follow blindly, to our own detriment.”

Vandlik, who studied last semester at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, loves the complexity of Brodie’s character. “I think she really loves having an influence over people, and I think she wants to lead her own revolution. At the heart of that, I think she wants to make the world a better place,” she said. “But influence, even if it comes from good intentions, can be a dangerous and powerful thing. No one person should have all the answers.”

Jean Brodie, Vandlik said, is a tragic figure who doesn’t necessarily know she’s tragic, and the beauty of the play is it sets her out in all her humanity. “The writing is so great because it doesn’t necessarily paint her as a hero, but it doesn’t paint her as a villain either,” she said.
justin bieber beats headphones Viterbo to stage 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'

beat headphones for cheap Visibility Archives

beat headphones Visibility Archives

Pinterest is a smart social media platform with an ability to look at images and try to determine what they are about. It then attempts to show recommend images based on visitor interests, keywords on the pin, and the image on the pin. Much of the time it gets it right. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be completely off base.

Imagine my surprise when I had to tell my fiance that Pinterest thought he was a chimp!

If you like to delegate your social media marketing, let chat. Let look at what each one entails. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate. Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

So a tribal leader is someone who has a shared interest with a group that they gathered. And they have an active way ofcommunicating back and forth with this group. Members of the tribe also have ways of communicating with each other and with their leader.

A Movement would be someone who is creating a shift in thinking in order to createchange. A could be a Movement if the shared interest with their community is about facilitating some kind of change.

President Trump is a great example of a Movement . He frequently says it not about him; it about the movement. He has continued to operate as a Movement and not just a President of the United States.

This is one thing that distinguishes his presidency, besides his it done and campaign promises philosophy. Then, again, even his follow throughis an outgrowth of having built a relationship of trust with his tribe. He wants to maintain that trust by following through on promises.

I think it would be difficult for an effective Movement to not also be a . Effective Movement s have two way communication with their followers. You also see sporadic groups popup for tribal members to communicate with each other. For example, there are several for Trump Facebook groups you can join.

Because he considers himself a movement leader,
beat headphones for cheap Visibility Archives
President Trump continues to conduct rallies long after he won the election. He still wants to be among the people and listening to them. This is also why he conducts meetings where he listens to educators, police chiefs, business people, etc. The process should influence how people perceive the world they live in and should help them re imagine it from a different point of view. Thought leadership connects seemingly disparate ideas together and inspires new ways of thinking and behaving. become a thought leader, you must build a reputable brand around your ideas. The difference between regular leaders and thought leaders is that thought leaders have a large following while their regular counterparts don is someone who teaches, informs and educates around a concept or idea. s have lots of people reading theirbooks, following their work, and listening to them. But they don necessarily create a community or two way communication between themselves and the people who follow them. They don necessarily facilitate ways for their followers to communicate with each other either. If they do, then we back to . The average leader is not a Thought, Movement or . To be a you need scale. You need lots of people following you. But leaders show up in all aspects of our lives. Parents are leaders. Teachers are leaders. Never under estimate the impact you can have on the lives you touch.

Do you consider yourself a leader? Which type are you? And are you happy with that type or would you like to morph into another?

Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships That Build Your Business

by Marnie L. Pehrson

True Accounts of Entrepreneurs Who Have Tapped into the Power of Leveraging Relationships to Build Their Businesses! Filled with valuable relationship building tips for the newbie and seasoned entrepreneur alike, Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships that Build Your Business will inspire you to tap into the synergistic power of relationships to catapult your business to the next level.

In this transformational book, twenty five entrepreneurs pull back the curtain to reveal their powerful and life changing lessons on how to:Uncover gems in your current associations.
beat headphones for cheap Visibility Archives

headphones bose vs beats View the Walmart Black Friday ad for 2014

what is the price of beats by dr dre headphones View the Walmart Black Friday ad for 2014

On Thanksgiving, shoppers can either sit around waiting for the turkey coma to set in, or they can head to Walmart. on Turkey Day, the same time as last year, when 22 million shoppers headed to Walmart after dinner.

The retailer is slashing prices on everything from electronics, to toys, and home appliances. Some discounts will be offered at specific times on Thursday, Black Friday and throughout the rest of the weekend. on Thursday can pick up a set of Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones for $149, (regularly $279) or a 65 inch Vizio smart TV for $648 (regularly $998).

Apple 16GB Wi Fi enabled iPad Mini, HP touch laptop and Google Play tablet will also be deeply discounted. If inventory runs out, customers can pay for the item they want and pick it up before Christmas.

The strategy aims to keep shoppers calm on what can sometimes be a very frantic shopping day, said Duncan Mac Naughton, the retailer chief merchandising officer.

And if you rather shop online from home in your pajamas while watching the parade, many of these deals will be available online early Thursday morning, hours before the sale starts at stores.
headphones bose vs beats View the Walmart Black Friday ad for 2014

doctor dre beats headphones Video shows Baltimore school cop beating 13

doctor dray beats headphones Video shows Baltimore school cop beating 13

A 13 year old Baltimore schoolgirl received ten stitches to her forehead after being chased through the halls of her school and attacked with a baton by a school police officer, according to surveillance video obtained last Friday by a local news station.

The incident last October began when Diamond Neals angered the black female officer, whose name has not been released, when she rushed to intervene after the officer shoved her cousin against a wall, apparently unprovoked. “So she goes over there thinking it’s another child, and she gets over there, and it’s an officer. She went over there to try to stop her,” her cousin’s grandmother told WBAL TV.

Both girls, as well as another of one of Diamond’s cousins, were expelled from school and charged with assaulting a police officer. The charges were dropped in juvenile court after prosecutors saw the surveillance video, but the expulsions were upheld by Baltimore City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton, and the girls are now in “alternative” schools.

The video shows a savage, entirely unprovoked beating by the officer. It began when the officer yelled at Neal’s cousin, Starr, from the bottom of a stairwell in between classes. “The officer was hollering at her and said, ‘Little girl, get down here,'” her grandmother said. “And so Starr said, ‘My name is not little girl, it’s Starr.’ Starr came on down the steps, and Starr said that’s when the officer grabbed her.”

Later, the officer lets Starr go in order to chase Neals through crowds of middle school students. She is seen striking Starr twice, including once in the head, while Neals offers no resistance. She then returns to Neals’s cousins, whom she pepper sprays in their faces.

Neals and her two cousins were sent to the hospital without the school notifying their parents; Neals’s mother told WBAL that she only found out from the paramedics that her daughter was at the hospital. From there they were taken to juvenile booking, where they were charged with assaulting a police officer. Despite having surveillance footage of the entire incident, the school district claimed that the officer “was kicked, scratched in the face and punched in the face and chest,” according to WBAL .

Video released of Pittsburgh police brutalizing man with batons at halfway home Surveillance video released this weekend shows Pittsburgh police striking 32 year old Lonnie Jenkins 17 times with their batons during an arrest at a halfway home.

Employees at the halfway house called police early in the morning last August after they said they found Jenkins with heroin. Jenkins was receiving treatment for drug addiction at the Renewal Halfway House after being released from prison in July.

The video shows Jenkins in the hallway of the facility, holding a rectangular black object that his attorney maintains was a cellphone, when three officers turn the far corner and head straight for him. The police report, which maintains that Jenkins approached them “suddenly and aggressively,” is completely contradicted by the video, which shows Jenkins backing away as the officers rush towards him.

Two of the officers immediately grab Jenkins without any provocation, push him against the opposite wall, and attack him with their batons. The officers continue beating Jenkins even after he falls to the floor. At no point does Jenkins offer any resistance; even the official police report only alleges that Jenkins made a fist with his right hand during the beating.

Jenkins’s family, who had been skeptical about his version of the events, expressed shock and outrage after seeing the tape for themselves. “No one is perfect. No one deserves to be treated so inhumanely. They beat him worse than they would a dog,” his sister Shawnishi Irvin said in an interview. “No, they were not within their rights,” his mother said, “and they took my son’s rights away and then handcuffed him.”

Pittsburgh officials have announced a “review” of the incident, but the Pittsburgh Police Department’s assistant chief of investigations said in a Monday press conference that police did not see any evidence of wrongdoing. “We looked at this video, believe me we looked at it numerous times, and we do not see anything inappropriate or wrong at this time.”

Jenkins’s attorney denounced the city’s defense of its officers. “This is police brutality. It’s simple,” he told the press.

Misdemeanor trial begins for NYPD officer charged with stomping on suspect’s head

New York Police Department officer Joel Edouard pled not guilty on Tuesday to misdemeanor assault and misconduct charges stemming from a videotaped incident in Brooklyn in which he deliberately stomped on a subdued suspect’s head. The attack happened less than a week after the death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner.

Edouard stomped on 32 year old Jahmiel Cuffee’s head while he was held down by several other officers, in full view of a crowd of witnesses who howled in protest. Cuffee was only charged “attempted tampering with evidence, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest” after police said they caught him throwing away a joint, according to the New York Daily News .

Edouard’s attorney was adamant in remarks to the media that the video would actually exonerate his client. “Neither the video nor the medical evidence will substantiate that Officer Edourad kicked this individual in the head; quite the contrary,” he said. Although the video does not show the actual point of contact, it clearly shows Edouard winding up his leg in a stomping motion directly above Cuffee’s head, an officer holding his hand up to Edouard as if to get him to stop, and a clear response from the crowd of bystanders.

District Attorney Ken Thompson, in an official statement, claimed that Edouard’s conduct does not reflect on “the great work being done throughout the city by the vast majority of police officers who perform their duties honorably.”

Disabled veteran receives $860,000 from lawsuit after being “beaten almost to death” Attorneys for the city of Denver reached an agreement last week, pending approval by the City Council, to pay a disabled veteran $860,000 to settle a lawsuit filed after he was nearly killed in a police beating in 2010.

Officer Shawn Miller tackled, hog tied and beat James Moore on the head with their fists and batons while responding to a noise complaint at his apartment in March of 2008. Woods was beaten so severely that his heart briefly stopped and he had to be resuscitated, according to his lawyers.

“Shawn Miller is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Denver Police Department,” Wood’s lawyer, David Lane, said Tuesday. Miller, who is still on the force, has been the subject of 39 internal investigations, including 15 excessive force complaints. In 2011 the city of Denver agreed to a $225,000 settlement over another beating by Miller only two days before he beat Woods. “What we have is a police officer who is absolutely out of control, who has repeatedly brutalized people, who has repeatedly abused people and the city and county of Denver has repeatedly done absolutely not one single thing to him or about him,” Lane said.

Yet another lawsuit involving Miller was filed earlier this year stemming from a 2013 incident in which he handcuffed a restaurant owner after he called the police. “The officer showed up, he was very irritated, he said I always call, he doesn’t want to hear anything I’ve got to say,” the owner told the media. “He said he gets tired of me calling and that’s the way of him to punish me.”
doctor dre beats headphones Video shows Baltimore school cop beating 13

beats by dr dre headphones studio Video for 1st Single

beats by dr dre in ear headphones review Video for 1st Single

Then again, this album has has been delayed so many times in the past decade, that it surpassed all other long awaited albums in other genres, possibly making it the most anticipated album in music history!

So who really knows if it true? But finally we have some good news to report! We have possible proof that in February we will all be blessing our ears in what we hope won be the most disappointing album ever. Great video, not the greatest song, but we live with it. Snoop Dogg and Akon

RezXTRA Rating: 3 leafs out of 5 leafs This track is just okay, but thanks to iphones, youtube and smart phones, everyone who sees the video before they hear the song will think it another dope ass Dre song, but it not. It just okay, but one that will grow on you and have to accept it.


This past year, various tracks were leaked from the album, due to hacking. Some of these leaks included some disappointments and some just okay, nothing that really stood out. and Timbland I think. Dre feat. Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls (because we cant spell her last name lol)

RezXTRA Thought: 2 Pussy Cats out of 5 Pussy Cats Nice beat, just okay.

RezXTRA Thought: 3.5 TIs out of 5 TIs Not a bad track, reminds me of his first single, Day from his first album, Chronic but a 2011 version.


Unfortunately all these tracks won be on the album according to Dre. But maybe that a good thing. Dre has said, aside from it will be all new music never heard before. which basically was techno infused with some rapping and autotune, that all. A lot of hip hop heads hated it and mainstream audiences loved it.
beats by dr dre headphones studio Video for 1st Single

dr beat headphones Victim Resources for Title IX Violations

dr dre beats monster headphones Victim Resources for Title IX Violations

Victim Resources for Title IX ViolationsPenn State is committed to providing support for students who have been victims of behaviors that would be considered Title IX violations. Below is a brief description of resources available. For more information or to request resources which may not be listed, please contact the Penn State Altoona Title IX Resource Person, Dr.

Confidential Counseling and Support

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 814 949 5540: You may request an appointment with someone from the Health and Wellness Center on campus.

Blair County Family Services, Inc. Crime Victim Support Services, including Rape Crisis and Domestic Abuse 814 944 3583 or 24 hour hotline at 800 500 2849 or 814 944 3585: counseling, support, advocacy and assistance with Protection from Abuse orders.

Center for Women Students (CWS) at the University Park 814 863 2027: Trained counselors and advocates are available.

Non emergency medical care, (including evaluation or follow up for sexual assault when evidence collection is not desired) is provided at the Health and Wellness Center. Call 814 949 5540. For emergency medical care, please contact 911.

Academic and Housing Resources

If you wish to change your on campus housing because the perpetrator lives nearby, you may contact the Office of Student Conduct at 814 949 5065 or Office of Residence Life at 814 949 5710 for help with a change of assignment.

If you have missed class/assignments or need to do so, staff in the Division of Student Affairs can assist. They can also help with dropping a class retroactively without penalty, when the request is an outcome of an experienced incident. The Sheetz Health and Wellness Center staff can also assist with this process if you are in active treatment.

If the perpetrator is in the same class or is scheduled to be in the future, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 814 949 5065 for assistance.

Holding the Perpetrator Accountable

If the perpetrator is a Penn State student, a case manager at the Office of Student Conduct can discuss options for holding the person accountable. It is possible to initiate an informal or formal disciplinary process. You will not be forced to participate in the conduct process against your will, and you can change your mind about your involvement at any time.

If there is interest in the legal system, the Penn State Police (814 949 5222) or Police located in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred, can provide support whether the perpetrator is a student or not. The police may also assist with a Protection from Abuse order.

Preventing Contact with the Perpetrator

If the perpetrator is a student, you may request a directive from the Office of Student Conduct for no contact, which would advise the perpetrator s/he can have no direct or indirect contact with you. Police may also assist with Protection from Abuse Orders contact Police within the jurisdiction of the violation.
dr beat headphones Victim Resources for Title IX Violations

beats headphones price Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes After Accidentally Posting Naked Photo on Instagram

free beats headphones Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes After Accidentally Posting Naked Photo on Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson is whooping oops ing it up!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is the latest victim of a very unfortunate Instagram faux pas after what was supposed to be an innocent picture post turned into something X rated. It all started when Gunvalson snapped a quick pic of her new Beats by Dre headphones to give Bravo a shout out for the gift.

“Thank you bravotv for my Christmas present, love these for all my travelling. happyholidays, andycohen, lovegettingpresents,” she captioned the now deleted Instagram.

Gunvalson followed up by quickly deleted the image, and wrote an apology to fans for her mistake.

“I’m a human being and we make mistakes,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “I wanted to shout out to Bravo for my Beats while blow drying my hair and getting ready for work, I clearly couldn’t see the reflection when I posted the image on Instagram. I apologize to anyone that saw the picture and am deeply embarrassed.”

After finishing her blow dry and getting some clothes on, Vicki enjoyed the warm winter weather in SoCal. “Gorgeous day in Southern California. Having lunch at the Coto Club then headed back to office. merrychristmas, love75degreesindecember,” she wrote on Instagram.
beats headphones price Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes After Accidentally Posting Naked Photo on Instagram

beats headphones uk Vicki Gunvalson and More Stars Got Dragged for Their Social Media Fails

beats by dre wireless headphones Vicki Gunvalson and More Stars Got Dragged for Their Social Media Fails

More social media, more problems!

Just when you thought Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter provided more benefits than burdens for stars, Bow Wow found himself in quite the snafu this week.

The rapper turned reality star shared a post of a private jet with the caption, “Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER.”

Flashy? Sure. Authentic? Not so fast.

A Snapchat user discovered that Bow Wow also known as Shad Moss was actually on his flight to New York City. And no,
beats headphones uk Vicki Gunvalson and More Stars Got Dragged for Their Social Media Fails
it wasn’t a private plane. The receipts went viral and now the Internet can’t stop calling out the rapper.

The social media oops got us thinking of all the other stars who made a few mistakes on popular apps. Shall we look back at the good, bad and down right wild below?

Vicki Gunvalson: Talk about whooping oops ing it up. The Real Housewives of Orange County star snapped a quick picture of her new Beats by Dre headphones from Bravo. “Thank you bravotv for my Christmas present, love these for all my travelling. happyholidays, andycohen, lovegettingpresents,” she captioned the now deleted Instagram. What she didn’t realize at the time was that you could see her reflection off the box and therefore she was also visible in the photo she just so happened to take the picture while she was naked. Awkward
beats headphones uk Vicki Gunvalson and More Stars Got Dragged for Their Social Media Fails

beat over the ear headphones Veteran dairy feeder named grand champion at Isabella County Fair

beat headphones studio Veteran dairy feeder named grand champion at Isabella County Fair

Natalie Finnerty smiled and posed for pictures with her friends and family after being named senior dairy feeder showmanship grand champion at the Isabella County Fair this afternoon.

Finnerty, who has been showing for 10 years and is president of the Beal City FFA 4 H Club, also took first place in the senior dairy feeder showmanship 17 year old class.

For the past couple of months, Natalie has been working with her animal, named Rosco, by talking to him, feeding him, bathing him and going for a mile long walk every day.

She also has an Angus steer she been working with that will be shown on Wednesday.

As a mother, all of the work and dedication that has been put into preparation for the fair over the summer is what makes her most proud, said Jane.

During Natalie decade of competition, she has most enjoyed being around the fellow feeders, who have been a lot of fun.

dairy feeders and I are a good pair, she said.

As for the rest of the week, Natalie will be preparing for Saturday when she competes for overall grand champion.

Gale and Gary Bardos of Mt. Pleasant were among those in the crowd watching the senior dairy feeder showmanship event today.

The couple said they have four great nephews with the last name Pifer and all members of the Isabella County 4 H Club who were competing Seth, 16, Riley, 15, Wesley, 13, and Ty, 11.
beat over the ear headphones Veteran dairy feeder named grand champion at Isabella County Fair

headphones for binaural beats Vending machines deliver more than snacks

beat audio headphones Vending machines deliver more than snacks

Last month, an upscale marketplace in San Francisco announced that it had begun selling baguettes in a vending machine, offering fresh and toasty bread at the push of a few buttons. More recently, the nation’s first “pizza ATM” arrived at Xavier University, setting off a flurry of news coverage and social media buzz. Indeed, hot “artisan” pizza with multiple topping options can be bought from a vending machine day or night on the Cincinnati campus.

Allison Ward, The Columbus Dispatch

Last month, an upscale marketplace in San Francisco announced that it had begun selling baguettes in a vending machine, offering fresh and toasty bread at the push of a few buttons.

More recently, the nation’s first “pizza ATM” arrived at Xavier University, setting off a flurry of news coverage and social media buzz.

Indeed, hot “artisan” pizza with multiple topping options can be bought from a vending machine day or night on the Cincinnati campus.

These days, in fact, myriad products edible and otherwise can be purchased from such machines, said Jeff Thibodeau, vice president of operations for Innovative Vending Solutions, an 8 year old Dayton business specializing in unique automated retail machines, including ones activated by social media.

“It was slow at first,” Thibodeau acknowledged. “People were skeptical. People were so used to vending machines being snacks and sodas.”

But the rising popularity of online shopping and credit card use, he said, have made Americans more comfortable with such commerce.

Machines stocked with the strangest of items eggs, live lobster and neckties had been a trend mainly in Asia and Europe, Thibodeau said.

“It’s finally making its way here and growing. I follow all the vending news, and every week it’s, ‘So and so so launches this with this crazy product in it.'”

Although it originated as a T shirt vending company, Innovative Vending has begun providing items as unusual as hair extensions, flip flops and condoms in machines for public purchase.

Although those items can’t all be found in a vending machines in central Ohio, Columbus area residents can buy iPads, sunglasses and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream from machines.

Live bait becomes an option in both Guernsey and Hamilton counties. And, at the Dayton Visual Arts Center, Art o mat sells mini pieces of art in a machine.

Back closer to home, Worthington Libraries in February placed a $31,000 machine that, with the swipe of a library card, yields books, DVDs and CDs at the Worthington Community Center.

The machine is the second of two purchased by the libraries during the past two years in hopes of engaging more area residents.

Food and beverage items sold in vending machines have widened in scope, with newer items ranging from dill pickles and protein shakes to fresh fruits and 5 hour Energy shots.

Even beer.

To combat a crowded bar during peak weekend night hours, the Walrus last month installed a vending machine featuring canned beers ($2 to $6) the restaurant’s alternative to adding another bar or scheduling more bartenders.

“It frees up our bartenders for someone looking for a craft cocktail or a draft beer,” said server Molly Doyle.

Although the machine proves convenient for patrons and helps managers control crowds they simply need to ensure that an employee checks the identification of machine users it also serves another purpose: “Let’s face it,” Doyle said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Some patrons buy a beer from the machine simply so they can post the transaction on Snap Chat.

Novelty, though, isn’t the idea behind the three Best Buy machines at John Glenn Columbus International Airport containing iPads, headphones, digital cameras and so on.

“They’re items that you’d need while traveling,” said David Saleme, who manages concessions at the airport. “You forgot your charger, or you want a new phone case or to take a GoPro (camera) on your trip, this is your last chance to buy one before you leave the terminal.”

Although headphones are a big seller, he has seen his share of high ticket items purchased.

“People find comfort in brands they recognize,” said Saleme, referring to the Best Buy logo atop each machine as well as the Apple, Beats by Dre and Samsung products inside.

And people who are fond of one of Columbus’ most famous brands might be happy to know that Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream machines have, after a hiatus, returned to the airport.

“It’s really well received,” Saleme said. “Our passengers love Jeni’s.”

Art in a machine? Really?

Long gone are the days of cigarettes as a vending machine mainstay, but some of the receptacles that once dispensed smokes have been put to new use: peddling and promoting artwork.
headphones for binaural beats Vending machines deliver more than snacks