beats by dr dre headphones studio Video for 1st Single

beats by dr dre in ear headphones review Video for 1st Single

Then again, this album has has been delayed so many times in the past decade, that it surpassed all other long awaited albums in other genres, possibly making it the most anticipated album in music history!

So who really knows if it true? But finally we have some good news to report! We have possible proof that in February we will all be blessing our ears in what we hope won be the most disappointing album ever. Great video, not the greatest song, but we live with it. Snoop Dogg and Akon

RezXTRA Rating: 3 leafs out of 5 leafs This track is just okay, but thanks to iphones, youtube and smart phones, everyone who sees the video before they hear the song will think it another dope ass Dre song, but it not. It just okay, but one that will grow on you and have to accept it.


This past year, various tracks were leaked from the album, due to hacking. Some of these leaks included some disappointments and some just okay, nothing that really stood out. and Timbland I think. Dre feat. Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls (because we cant spell her last name lol)

RezXTRA Thought: 2 Pussy Cats out of 5 Pussy Cats Nice beat, just okay.

RezXTRA Thought: 3.5 TIs out of 5 TIs Not a bad track, reminds me of his first single, Day from his first album, Chronic but a 2011 version.


Unfortunately all these tracks won be on the album according to Dre. But maybe that a good thing. Dre has said, aside from it will be all new music never heard before. which basically was techno infused with some rapping and autotune, that all. A lot of hip hop heads hated it and mainstream audiences loved it.
beats by dr dre headphones studio Video for 1st Single