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The Northrop Radioplane Target DroneIn the late 1930s, the Radioplane Company had developed a series of radio controlled model airplanes as aerial targets for antiaircraft gunnery training by the Army Air Corps. In 1952, Radioplane Co. became the Radioplane Division of Northrop Aircraft, Inc. Design of the Shelduck began in1946, with first flight in 1947. The Shelduck can carry radar enhancement devices on its wingtips. The Falconer was similar in appearance to the Shelduck, but had a slightly longer and definitely stockier fuselage. It had an autopilot system with radio control backup, and could carry cameras, as well as illumination flares for night reconnaissance. The drone was launched by a solid rocket booster from a zero length launcher, and was recovered by parachute. The MQM 57 remained in service until the mid 1970s, and a total of about 1500 MQM 57s of all versions were built by Northrop Ventura (formerly Radioplane). Mil. Until the introduction of the joint system in 1963, Army missiles were designated (like any other Army equipment) with “Ordnance Numbers” only. These numbers are usually assigned as soon as a new equipment enters the Army inventory. I will only give a brief synopsis of this designation system here. Existing TD drones were redesignated. Drone conversions of manned aircraft received normal aircraft designations with a K suffix. The latter designations are not listed below. A single TD drone was redesignated in the short lived U (for “Unmanned”) category. KDR Radioplane QuailKD2R Radioplane/Northrop Quail/Shelduck MQM 36AKD3R (No information)KD4R Radioplane (Model RP 70) 3.3 Army Air Force, 1940 1947In 1940, the Army Air Force introduced an “A for Aerial Targets” category in its aircraft designation scheme. target; Model RP 5)OQ 3 Radioplane (similar to OQ 2)OQ 6 Radioplane (high speed target)OQ 7 Radioplane (OQ 3 modified for over water use)OQ 8 (see note 2)OQ 9 (see note 2)OQ 10 (see note 2)OQ 12 Radioplane (small 12ft. target)OQ 13 Radioplane (OQ 3 modified for over water use)OQ 14 Radioplane (small 12ft. target; Model RP 8)OQ 17 Radioplane (small 12ft. target; as Navy TD4D)OQ 18 Radioplane(?) (larger 15ft. target)OQ 19 Radioplane/Northrop Shelduck (OQ 18 af/OQ 6 eng.) MQM 33A/BNotes:1. Some sources attribute the OQ 1 designation to the Radioplane RP 4 drone. However, OQ 1 is not listed in the Army’s 1946 designation listing : US Army Air Forces: Army Aircraft Model Designations, 1946. 2. The designations OQ 8, OQ 9 and OQ 10 were probably not skipped. However, the “official” source [obit] only says “No data available”. 3.4 Air Force, 1947 1963The Air Force introduced the Q category for drones in 1947. Existing PQ models were redesignated. John M. Military Aircraft Designations and Serials 1909 1979, Midland, 1979 says, the OQ models were redesignated Q on paper (but designations not actually used). Therefore, the Q 3 would be identical to the OQ 3. James C. Fahey: United States Air Force and United States Army Aircraft 1947 1956 and Norman J. Bowman: The Handbook of Rockets and Guided Missiles, Perastadion Press, 1963, however, describe the Q 3 as a Q 1 version. 2. It’s not quite clear, whether OQ 7 and OQ 11 were actually redesignated as Q 7 and Q 11, or whether the Q 7/11 numbers were skipped, because OQ 7/11 were still in use.
how much are beat headphones The Northrop Radioplane Target Drone

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His lyrics are taboo and his songs reek of violence, death, destruction, misogyny as well as homophobia. Parents hate him and President Bush once called him “the most dangerous threat to American Children since polio.” The platinum selling artist shocked the world when he released his infamous 1999 single Name Is with his complex rhymes, cruel lyrical jabs and of course, his skin tone! And Billboard Artist of the Decade is back with a bang, releasing his new album and ending a three year hiatus.

The 41 year old veteran rapper blows the dust off his mike and kicks off the album with Guy the sequel to his 2000 hit song that was based on the final letters of his fictional obsessed fan. Stan has been dead and gone for at least ten years but his vengeful brother is back. Lamenting his earlier fondness for Eminem, he creeps up to Slim Shady house and kidnaps him before driving the car right off of a bridge, advising him you can swim good! the next track Much Better Eminem take many swipes at an ex lover in his signature abrasive style. Spouting profanity and with a delivery style laced with murderous rage, Eminem channels the scorn of a cuckold. With heartbreak motivating the song, the brash and blatant misogyny becomes somewhat easy to digest.

The song is also worth a listen. The track is produced by renowned DJ Khalil, who mixed up electric guitars, rhythmic drumming and a defining tone. Eminem goes all out in the song, his high energy, high pitched voice urging anyone who thinks it his time to hang up the boots, to think again. The song, which featured guest vocals from Liz Rodriguez from The Royales, was also accompanied with a music video promoting the latest Call of Duty video game Ghosts.

My personal favourite from the whole album is featuring Polina Goudeva. Coupled with a slow, dark beat and what seems to be the soft sound of rain, the track begins with Eminem wondering why his thought process has always been one of a kind. The iconic artist paints a vivid picture of what his childhood was like when he would be bullied, terrified and constantly doubted, resulting in him being his own sole companion. The last two verses lash out at all those who dared to doubt him and reassure them that his name would remain carved out in stone long after he gone.

The pick of the songs, however, seems to be As can be guessed, Eminem declares himself an unparalleled rap MC. Fellow rappers such as Tech nine, Royce da 5 and British radio personality Zainlowe also voiced their wows at the artist lyrical prowess, although, the song also came under fire due to the homophobic slurs it contained.

The song featuring Nate Ruess is an empathic, emotion driven song wherein the Grammy winning artist reconciles with his mother. Yes, you heard me correct, he actually makes peace with his mother. Since his

on screen inception, Eminem has often made it public that he despises his mother and dedicated an entire song Out My Closet (The Eminem Show) to rebuke her using profane words.

Monster is the commercially successful duet with Barbadian beauty Rihanna, in which Eminem details the negative side effects of fame and how he grapples with the limelight. Rihanna vocals are crystal clear as always and the beat produced by Frequency is pleasant to the ear. The song towered at No. 1 in musical charts in different countries including France, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and USA. A musical video was also released, depicting Eminem as a psychiatric patient and Rihanna his therapist.

Twin is the song in which Eminem conjures up his psychopathic alter ego Slim Shady who delivers cutthroat rhymes reviling Britney Spears, Casey Anthony and Sarah Palin.

Than I Was Game are some of Eminem impressive songs; and or Reason and Front are not so great. All in all, the MMLP2 is a must listen for all those who have followed Eminem through the decade when the white MC stood out for his complex rhyming skills, his lyrical prowess and again, his skin tone! Continuation of Eminem acclaimed 2000 studio effort The Marshall Mathers LP, this album does swerve in that direction but cannot be heralded at the same status. Whilst lacking the catchy appeal that the earlier album had, Eminem has retained his long lost ability of impressing the audience technically with the pen. His complex lyricism has been praised by critics, which is a refresher since his last three albums were penned unimpressively such as Encore (2004), Relapse (2009) and Recovery (2010). Eminem rejuvenates wordplay on this album, stirs up controversy and has worked the lab with Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin who serve as executive producers on this album. In this day and age where piracy hounds sales figures, 792,000 copies were shelved off the release day of the album (November 5, 2013). Hence, goes the saying don lie As Eminem describes himself on the song Twin of beats, hoarder of rhymes,
cheap beats dre headphones The News on Sunday

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In his bachelor days in the late ’80s, Philip Elias lived in a town house in Pittsburgh wired for jaw dropping sound.

He owned a Bang Olufsen Beocenter 9500 music system with three pairs of B Penta 3 tower speakers, each set up in a different room. Sometimes he would invite friends over and crack open a new album as if he were uncorking a great bottle of wine.

The speakers, which cost around $5,000 a pair and required months of saving to buy, were as breathtaking in design as they were in sonic quality, Mr. Elias said: “Architecturally, they were sensual. Almost something out of the Museum of Modern Art. That was important. They made a statement above the sound.”

These days, Mr. Elias, 58, is an advertising executive who lives with his wife and three children in a house in Pittsburgh with enough high end audio gear to open a stereo showroom, including a Krell Showcase five channel power amp ($4,500), Thiel CS6 loudspeakers ($9,000 a pair) and an Escient FireBall CD system ($4,000). Every year, he offers to buy his children a great stereo, he said, but they never take him up on it.

People download MP3s from iTunes or Web sites and play them on their smartphones or laptops. They share songs with friends by e mailing YouTube links. Sure, the music sounds flat, tinny, supercompressed; it’s an audiophile’s hell. But convenience and mobility rule the day.

Ken Kessler, a veteran audio journalist, summed up the industry’s problems last year at an audiophile conference in Denver. Speaking to a roomful of mostly middle aged men, he said: “In the ’60s and ’70s, if you opened up Esquire or Playboy and they showed a bachelor pad, there was a killer sound system in it. Now, there’s an iPod dock.”

Apple devices aren’t losing ground with bachelors or anyone else, and soon music may exist mainly in the nebulous “cloud.” Still, there is a sense that after years of near extinction, a new generation of home audiophiles is emerging to follow in the footsteps of guys like Mr. Elias.

From the renewed popularity of vinyl (a Urban Outfitters, which now sells not just records but turntables alongside its clothing) to the sales explosion of high end headphones like the $400 Beats by Dre, many younger music fans are seeking a listening experience that goes beyond an MP3 and a cheap pair of earbuds.

Of course, for some, the primary motivation is fashion; it’s become cool to collect vinyl or wear slick headphones. But for others, there is a desire for what Charley Damski, a 24 year old budding audiophile, called a “pure connection to the source.”

Mr. Damski, who lives in Los Angeles and works at a television animation studio, said he spent high school buying and burning CDs and making mixes from songs he downloaded from iTunes and file sharing sites.

Then he heard one of his older brother’s albums, “A Night at the Opera” by Queen, in 5.1 surround sound. “I remember listening to it in my room and hearing all the voices,” Mr. Damski said. “I thought, ‘Oh, there’s another layer to this I wasn’t aware of.'”

Hearing music with such outstanding sound quality was a revelatory experience, he said: “You don’t know you need it until it exists.”

If sonic quality has diminished for many in recent years, the quantity of music that people consume may be at a high. Freed of home storage constraints, digital libraries have swelled absurdly.

Dan Svizeny, a 24 year old manager at an online advertising agency in Philadelphia, recalled how his high school classmates bragged about the number of tunes stored on their iPods. “They would say, ‘Oh, man, I have 60,000 songs,'” he said. “It was a currency.”

For a while, Mr. Svizeny, a guitarist and avid music consumer,
are beats good headphones The New Audio Geeks
engaged in the MP3 arms race, ripping songs from Napster and other file sharing sites and importing them to his iTunes account. “The sound quality didn’t matter at all,” he said. “Just the music.”

But Mr. Svizeny’s attitude has since changed. He no longer owns an iPod and rarely, if ever, downloads music, he said. At work, he listens to Spotify, the music streaming service. At home, he plays LPs, inspired, he said, by his father’s collection of Black Sabbath and Frank Zappa records. “I could buy a terabyte hard drive and store countless MP3s, but it’s lost value to me,” Mr. Svizeny said. “I’d rather hold a physical thing.”

With vinyl, he added, “You’re experiencing music in a different way.”

Mr. Damski went through a similar evolution, from having more than 50,000 songs on his hard drive to “abandoning” iTunes, he said, in favor of Spotify and the scratchy joys of vinyl. He likes the physicality of LPs, and the way they make it hard for him to skip songs. He also enjoys what he called the “Easter egg hunt” of used record shopping, otherwise known as sifting through bins of Olivia Newton John and Al Martino releases, hoping to find a rare gem from the Beach Boys’ bearded phase.

In true audiophile fashion, it now pains Mr. Damski to listen to low resolution music played through the microspeakers of a smartphone or a computer. “I wanted to hear a Kinks song the other day that wasn’t on Spotify, so a friend looked it up on YouTube,” he said. “It sounded so bad.”

He laughed at his own fussiness, but added, “I didn’t even want to listen anymore.”

As for home audio equipment, Mr. Svizeny owns what he considers an average Sony turntable, receiver and speakers, while Mr. Damski uses his roommate’s Audio Technica model. But both men hope to acquire a high end system someday.

“If I own a house and have disposable income, a good stereo will be a primary investment,” Mr. Damski said. “Definitely higher on the list than bath towels.”

For years, the typical high end audio customer has been a white haired classical music aficionado or an aging rock fan for whom listening to “Aja” in 1977 on a pair of Altec Lansings was a spiritual experience.

But recently, veteran audio companies have started adapting their products to the changing tastes of younger listeners. McIntosh, for years the holy grail for preamps and other components, has been adding USB ports to its entire product line in a long overdue acknowledgment of the popularity of music streaming. Thiel Audio, the revered speaker maker, has hired an industrial designer for the first time to make sure its products pass what its chief operating officer, Bob Brown, called the “aesthetics test.”

“My wife laughs at how our house was filled with speakers the size of refrigerators,” Mr. Brown said. “This generation is not going to buy ugly, boxy stuff. They listen through their eyes first, before their ears.”

Mr. Brown envisions that Thiel speakers will be curvier, with thinner profiles, in keeping with the industry trend and in line with modern interiors. It’s a look he hopes will appeal to his new, more discerning target audio customer: the young career woman.

“The bachelor pad stuff is old,” Mr. Brown said. “I wish it wasn’t, but I have to be honest: If you sell to my son and my wife and the young career woman, you get me. I don’t make the buying decisions anymore. It’s over.”

Grain Audio, a new company formed by four industry veterans, is covering its bookshelf speakers and earphones in wood, an aesthetic it hopes will appeal to both sexes. Mitch Wenger, its president, said music fans shouldn’t have to conceal speakers behind walls or cabinets at home, as they have for years.

“It should be furniture quality,” Mr. Wenger said. “It’s, like, my Eames chair and my Grain bookshelfs. That’s the thinking.”
are beats good headphones The New Audio Geeks

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Synopsis: On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary and Mary from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman to raze the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets former stomping grounds. To stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high powered plumbing magnate

I have had a number of weeks to digest THE MUPPETS. I didn want to rush into writing a review for the film immediately after seeing it as I really wanted to think about the film and not pen some hastey slosh to give the wrong impression of the film. You see, the problem with THE MUPPETS is that it is a very hard film to review objectively. Though, I will try to.

Let start, as I always try to do in my reviews, by telling you where I am coming from in terms of The Muppets history. I am 35 years old (nearly), and I remember being sat at my grandparents house at teatime waiting for the original Muppet Show to start when it was indeed being broadcast, I believe on ITV . I thinknit went out once a week over a few seasons up until 1981, which would put me at just over four years old. Now, I possibly too young to remember the show the first time around, so I either caught reruns or at very most the last season of the original show when it aired on the box. I remember the opening number, right on down to the camera angles, the two old guys up in the box (Statler and Waldorf) making some random jokes that changed every episode and remembering that one of them looked just like my Grandad. I remember the celebrity guests, the cameos, I remember that theme tune, I remember owning a cuddly Fozzy bear (which I used to keep at my grandparents house in the cupboard underneath the stairs, along with my magic set); I remember wanting to meet Kermit and loving Gonzo and his crazy stunts. I remember a lot. I remember the movies and I remember watching them at Christmas. I remember owning them on video and I remember watching THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL at the cinema (I would have been 15), and then I remember growing up and I sad to say, forgetting them, and the love that I had for them until this very day. Those last four words are the reason that I have held off on my review.

So, let fast forward to the present day and indeed my first Sunday morning screening of 2012 at the Empire Leicester Square in January. It true that I felt no emotion leading up to this screening. To me, it was just another film just another Sunday morning, aka hangover and having to deal with literally thousands of screaming kids screening. Not the best. The film started, and again, not emotional attachment whatsoever. The first musical number in the film, Everything That I Need, featuring the leads Jason Segal and Amy Adams, along with new Muppet Walter dancing through Smalltown USA, actually quite annoyed me, and indeed my partner who I saw the film with. It annoyed me that it annoyed her and I was annoyed that I was being annoyed by yet another seemingly dire Sunday morning screening experience. Anyway, a minor argument was silently held between the two of us and the film continued. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. The action is relocated to Los Angeles and then it happened. Walter meets Kermit.

My head leaned forward, my ass shuffled back in the seat and I held my chin on my fists as I felt an unstoppable well of water collect in my eyes. That morning the Empire, Leicester Sqaure transformed itself into one massive time machine and transported me back to my childhood and the very early 1980s at my grandparents house in Gloucestershire. It all came flooding back in floods, and floods. There was Kermit, all of these years on, washed up in his Bel Air mansion with the haunting collectables from yesteryear; the paintings of his former Muppet friends hanging on the wall behind him, all almost coming to life as he sings a nostalgic song reminiscing of a bygone time, something that was happening to me, live, in this gigantic multiplex. A truly wonderful experience.

From there on in I was hooked, and the movie would not let go of me. I smiled, and then I laughed, the silent argument between me and my girlfriend instantly forgotten about, my one hand gripping hers tightly, the other trying to wipe away the tears of joy that wouldn bloody stop leaking from my eyeballs. I love every single part of this movie.

I held back on this review as I wasn 100% sure that I was being affected by my emotions towards my days playing with Fozzy and my magic set back in 1980s Gloucester or the film or the history of The Muppets themselves. The fact is, I just can review this objectively and I don the answer to my own question. The film hit me straight between the eyes and right in the heart but I truly believe that the answer is actually a little bit of all of these.

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller script, and James Tobin wonderful direction leads to a lovingly crafted film and I love the fact that Segel as an actor and fellow lead Amy Adams graciously step back to allow the true stars, The Muppets, take center stage to dominate their movie. I wasn particularly taken by THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL as everybody else, or indeed THE MUPPETS TREASURE ISLAND etc, but I believe that the reasoning behind that is that The Muppets played characters in those films and here they play themselves, and boy it all works wonderfully! There are some great cameos, none of which I will spoil for you, but watch out for them. I will mention Chris Cooper has got a guaranteed hip hop career ahead of him if he decides to ditch the acting and teams up with Dr. Dre for some street west coast beats.

I said in our podcast this week that you need to be either five or thirty five (and nothing in between) to enjoy this film, but since thinking about it as I write this review, and frantically try wipe more moistness away from my eyes, that this may not be the case. My lovely girlfriend turned full circle halfway through and said that by the end she liked it too. She 27 and knew nothing about the film before she saw it. The kids also loved it that the best thing about it. The Muppets will live on through a new generation and hopefully we get more adventures from Kermit, Miss Piggy and co. So, please, let make this happen Disney.

Segal, Bobin and co. have delivered the almost perfect Muppets movie, and I thank you for taking me back to my childhood, surprising me and delighting me, and I truly mean that. It will have its critics, and I know some of them, but I don care. I love it, the little four your in me loves it, and I can wait to see it again. Applause.
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i think this monster should be archived on the 21st to agree with the spring equinox. rebirth, renewal and the like. but, on the other hand, the page may implode before then.

on the whole war topic: these two women came to the house this morning asking if i was against said war. i said yes and cut them off before they went any further since i had to get to school to write a test. but i really did want to talk to them, not because they brought up the war, but because one woman was carrying a bible and i knew that random, unfounded religious beliefs were about to fly. i was up for a good laugh/debate. i hope they come back. relations which I think could be quite damaging. I don imagine it will win us any favors at the trade negotiations table,” Alliance leader Stephen Harper told reporters.”

Yikes, I guess I kind of outspoken on this stuff today. I got all riled up in Philosophy class . There really are two sides to this debate. Saddam himself has no global support and is guilty of a number of attrocities; Bush bible belt diplomacy has turned this into a question of the World versus Saddam, into the World versus (Bush who happens to be against Saddam). Unfortunately, neither Saddam nor Bush are doing all that can be done to prevent a war.

It a really clouded issue, and no matter how it is eventually solved, the people of Iraq will ultimately suffer.

Also, focusing on Bush defiance of the UN in wanting to attack Iraq because they are defying the UN will leave us all biting our lips if the UN gives this war the go ahead, which is an eventual possibility as even the are getting impatient.

Now imagine you live in downtown baghdad, and the “precision guided” bombs that they plan on dropping will most likely level your neighbourhood, kill your family, and destroy your life (if not kill you yourself). Should another million people die in Iraq because Hussein is a tyrranical despot Maybe they should entertain another approach over simply killing as many people as possible to get to him. I think we all seen the movie Navy Seals. i really dont feel like getting into it right now but time in and time out history has proven that you cannot deal with iraq through diplomacy. they only listen when you smack them in the face a few times. and this time it looks like the “good guys” want to do things right and not leave a mad man in power.

Addy, give me a call when you ready do do something. I always down for having fun. After all, I AM a wild party.

Alright, this is getting out of hand. Now the UN security council has decided NOT to vote on a new resolution. And their next meeting is this wednsday. Dubya is addressing the nation tonight at 8 and apparnetly giving ANOTHER ultimatum to Iraq. namely force Hussein into exile or recieve a few rounds of carpet bombing. The Head of the British House of Commons had just resigned. People are insinuating that an American move to invade would violate international law. Nations are taking sides, and the split in the opinion of European Union countries has complicated things even moreso. In the words of Chris Pulsifer: “This is a fuck”.

Does anyone know how to get in toutch with our MP I want to write a letter or at least make a phone call to the person that is supposedly representing my best interests and make it known that as a Canadian citizen I feel we should have no part in this soon to be massacre of civilians being the Peacekeepers we are known for being, and we should ultimately have no part in the occupation of another nation.

In other news. err. It was rocking. Don tell anyone, but I snuck in the back door past the bouncer. I truly a badass.
beats by dre headphones in ear The Most Wonderful Boner in the World

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Hygiene is a subject of not only ever increasing importance but also a matter of essential and absolute necessity in bakery industry. Hygiene means to maintain bakery in such a neat and clean condition that there is least possibility of causing contamination. The main purpose of hygiene is not merely to fulfil the rules and regulations of food departments but also to meet the moral obligations to consumer. In practice it is observed that clean looking products produced under hygienic conditions always attract the consumers.

Personal hygiene means the hygiene that deals with individual or personal hygiene or sanitary conditions. Every baker/owner/employee working in a bakery unit has a part to play in the hygienic practices, which will minimise the possibilities of infection through the bakery foods that are prepared. Hence, some recommended measures of personal hygiene intended to prevent the transmission of bacteria harboured in the bowel, nose and throat are discussed below: should be washed properly before handling the food material as hand is the most likely source of contamination in food industry. Frequent washing of hand will help remove bacteria so that they cannot reach the processed bakery foods. should be washed with plenty of soap or diluted Hydrochloric acid solution and warm water, followed by rinsing in running water. But these gloves should be washed with appropriate sanitiser strictly before starting and after finishing the work. Cap/scarf prevent falling of hair and dandruff into products while preparation which may spread harmful organisms from the lesions of the scalp. A cap/scarf also helps in absorbing the perspiration gathered on forehead which would otherwise find an easy entry in the dough processing. Regular repair and replacement of lost button etc. Similarly, while keeping tobacco in mouth for chewing or removing loose pieces of tobacco from mouth also contaminate the food through finger. It is not only a safeguard for the health of a worker but will also protect the health of customers. are avoided to carry in production area. Every precaution should be taken to create perfect conditions of cleanliness. And for that, principle aim is to make such facilities, which provide minimum hand contact with raw material, machineries etc. working table, equipment, machineries, and utensils should be washed with detergent/sanitiser, brushed and wiped off before the beginning and after finishing the work. It is necessary to eliminate food residue and maintain a good appearance. should be properly labelled and stored in a locked compartment. The greasing of bread pans and the depanning of the bread should be carried out in such a way so as to minimise the possibility of floors getting greasy. should not be left open for long in the bakery. while packing,
beat in ear headphones The Most Attentive Part of Bakery Industry for Developing Countries
transportation, selling etc.)Throw the scrap, wrappers of ingredients or any other garbage in the dustbins provided for that purpose. The garbage can must be cleaned properly by dumping the garbage at appropriate place, and washing after each disposal. Otherwise it may attract flies, cockroaches and mice.

Beneficial in Production: By maintaining clean, well lighted, ventilated bakery, the efficiency of operations will increase. The bakery employees will be more careful about their work and will be proud of their profession. If the bakery is kept spotlessly clean, you would not hesitate to invite the housewives to visit the bakery, and witness for themselves the extreme care which is taken in making the baked goods which are available to them fresh daily. Nothing impresses the modern housewife more than thorough cleanliness and neatness. If she is assured that the bakery is operated with the same care that she employs in her own kitchen, she is sure to become your permanent customer. Moreover, she will be induced to buy more and more bakery products. But on the contrary, if the housewife witnesses that no cleanliness is maintained in the bakery,
beat in ear headphones The Most Attentive Part of Bakery Industry for Developing Countries
she represents a lost customer and it will be next to impossible to regain. The same condition is applied to the bakery sales room and sales staff.

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best dre beats headphones The Morning Skate

Planning to watch the NHL all star game this weekend? You’re kidding, right? Do you not have hobbies? Sunday’s a great day to develop a hobby that doesn’t include hockey. At least hockey on TV. Plus, classic Red Hot Chili Peppers!

I chatted with colleagues Ed Willes and Stephanie Ip about Sunday NHL all star game (video to come later today), which I gather is the most anticipated NHL all star game since last year game. Stephanie question, in essence: What would you do to change or improve it?

Only you know and I know what going to happen on Sunday. You watch for five minutes and then realize those are five minutes you never get back.

We be at home, thinking, We’re not in on this joke. They’re laughing at us. The NHL is stupid.

And like I said, you wonder why you didn just choose to watch Dogs With Jobs on the Knowledge Network instead. At least they trying.

The Home TeamI love to know how many Canucks hate their travel schedule this year but couldn wait to get on a plane to go on an all star break holiday. (Ba da bing!)

But seriously, people, it nice to have a break. The hockey season is a long one. These guys have been working hard since mid August. By all means, take a few days on a Maui beach.

I tell you who not holidaying: Patrick Johnston. No sir. He Hat Tricking.

There lots of good stuff in his latest Trick: how rookie defenceman Ben Hutton (above) is suffering thanks to his recent defence partners, and how rookie forward Jake Virtanen is thriving in the role he being asked to play.

He also happened to write about what I was thinking about Tuesday night. I been at a meeting through the evening, didn know what had happened with the Canucks and Nashville Predators. Got in my car, turned on the radio et, voil the post game show was starting. First thing I hear is the score: 2 1. December was particularly bleak: 10 of 13 games.

Anyway, I been at The Province for about six months and Province Sports for about three months when Don arrived in November 1995. Not in person. In column form. He was big 20 years ago, bigger than he is now. And our bosses thought Province Sports readers should benefit from his wisdom, opinions and storytelling skills.

There were other guys who wrote guest columns for us, from the late race car driver Greg Moore to the always creative David Pratt. But Don Cherry was on another level, a national icon. So once a week, a fax would arrive. Yes, a fax. It was Don latest column, hand written, slowly churning out of the fax machine.

There were two people entrusted to work with Don. Just happened to be Paul Chapman and me. We take turns reading what Don wrote, editing it and then calling him. You had to call Don. You know, flesh out the story. Ask a bunch of questions. And just hear his voice. Hear him talking to you, calling you by name. You know, Don often been a divisive figure, and I haven always agreed with his opinion. But he was always classy, great to chat with, considerate.

Here a snapshot from the first column Don wrote. The Canucks were terrible to start the 1995 96 season. Terrible. And in we go:

You can’t use Pavel Bure’s injury as an excuse, they were just as bad when he was there. People ask me how the other players can play like that. I can understand it in a way. The players say, wait a minute, you pay these two guys (Bure and Alexander Mogilny) $10 million to score and then you have Trevor Linden who’s got to fight tooth and nail to get half as much and he blocks shots and plays defence. Hey, if that’s what they want, goal scoring, they’re going to give those guys $10 million, that’s what I’m going to do. Speaking of Pavel, I really do feel sorry for him. Even though when he was asked to comment on the time Pat Quinn and I had the big argument, Pavel said, “I don’t comment on clowns.” That was the time Pat was going to punch my lights out. To digress for a minute, I could never figure that one out. I had said on Coach’s Corner there was no way Pat Quinn, a great Irish guy like Pat Quinn, would relent to blackmail to sign Bure for all that money in the playoffs. I couldn’t believe it.

Around the NHLI wonder if it was weird, at all, for the NHL to name Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov as the league first star of the week. I guessing he made it hard on them, considering he won all four games and had a 0.99 goals against average and .972 save percentage.

Because, you know, Varlamov might not be facing assault charges, but he’s still embroiled in a civil suit involving his former girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, in Denver District Court.

This is the sort of thing that came out in court this week:

Vavrinyuk said Varlamov kicked her, beat her and dragged her by the hair after a Halloween party on Oct. Two backups gave up a combined six goals.

On a happier note, Barry Trotz returns to Nashville this week to take part in the all star festivities. The guys here at Province Sports rave about Trotz. Everyone raves about Trotz. He a good person who has deserved every bit of his success. And he having his greatest success now. Take that, Predators? This would be the perfect opportunity for Trotz to flaunt his success in the face of his former organization. But anyone who’s met the barrel chested, big hearted coach knows it’s hard for him to harbour much at all in the way of ill will, let alone nurse any kind of grudge for such a time. “I’ve been asked that kind of question a lot, but there’s really none of that in me,” Trotz said by phone.”If I’m supposed to, well, I’m sorry, but I just don’t have it. I don’t.”Honestly? There a guy you like to see win the Stanley Cup. And this might just be his year.

Cam, Cam, SupermanDid you catch this new Beats by Dre commercial, starring the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton, which was released on NFC Championship Sunday?

Some interesting messaging there. Way more effective and real than this forced Nike ad from a half dozen years ago:

Yeah, it been that long.

Couple more things on Newton. First, he facing the forces against him in many ways. One is by winning. Another is by not being shy. And he thinks there’s an underlying reason and he may be right: an African American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven seen nothing they can compare me to. now that he one of the two remaining starting quarterbacks in the NFL for the season, you think his jersey sales have skyrocketed, right? Well check this out:

OK, what you seeing there is NFL jersey sales over the past 30 days by Dick Sporting Goods. The percentages on the side is the share of total jersey sales represented by that player. Cam Newton is the blue line, never hitting as much as 10 per cent of jersey sales on any given day in the past 30. The red line? Yes. That Peyton Manning. If I not mistaken, it appears he wasn selling at all, not at all, until his Denver Broncos won the AFC Championship game last Sunday. And you can see what happened to his jersey sales when he did.
the beats headphones target The Morning Skate

beats studio headphones cheap The Monster Audio Lamborghini Veneno is Las Vegas

beats by dr dre wireless headphones The Monster Audio Lamborghini Veneno is Las Vegas

A Monster Lamborghini would be a monster Lamborghini; and a monster Lamborghini, so the thinking goes, could yet still be enhanced by Monster audio equipment. If Lady Gaga drove the Monster Lamborghini Veneno, she’d be a Fame Monster in a Monster Lamborghini. If someone played the “Space Jam” soundtrack from the Monster Lamborghini’s Monster speakers, it’d be Monstars from Monsters in a Monster Lamborghini. What if she was drinking a can of Monster? Fame Monster drinking Monster in a Monster Lamborghini listening to the Kiss album “Monster,” to boot. Blood is coming out of our ears, if not anybody else’s.

Monster Audio, a company better known for spearheading the Beats By Dre (unsuccessfully), somehow sold enough $120 HDMI cables to score itself one of nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters. At $3.9 million apiece, Monster would have had to sell 32,500 HDMI cables for the privilege. At CES, they flaunted it.

Lamborghini isn’t a company known for its in car entertainment. Driving the car is entertainment itself, so the thinking goes. Therefore, adding Monster components has to give the Veneno which in Las Vegas could pass for the name of an off Strip nightclub located next to a Denny’s some parity next to a 1988 Mazda 323 with pissing Calvin stickers across the rear windshield. (I once lived above a guy who had one, and witnessed him doing snowy donuts in the local private school parking lot. I was 12.)

“Pure Monster Sound,” therefore, doesn’t resonate from the Veneno’s tailpipes but from the surround sound speaker, which costs an additional $50,000 or 416 more cables to install, a task accomplished with the help of Lamborghini techs and Findlay Customs of Las Vegas. The shop took just six days to add a custom Android touchscreen to control the music. (Additionally, did you know that “Now That’s What I Call Music” is up to No. 48?) “It’s as close to live music as being on stage with the musicians,” reads the Monster press release.

Further information was scarce. Since it was Las Vegas, a line gathered in front of the secretive, red curtained, seemingly exclusive Monster booth, with gruff young men informing me in huffy tones that “sir, this line is for people who want to access the booth only.”

Next to the Lamborghini was a poker game sponsored by the World Poker Tour, because the Venn diagram of those who watch the World Series of Poker also correlates with those who buy Lamborghini merchandise. And anyway, how do you think Lamborghini owners buy their cars?

Somebody might drive home in this Veneno. It may be Noel Lee, who at the core still runs a family business. It might be Kevin, who at his age will undoubtedly have friends to impress. It may not be Dr. Dre. But the Monster Veneno is a monster, indeed and just the thing to make a lot of noise with if the Las Vegas clich still holds true, which evidently it does.

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beats studio headphones cheap The Monster Audio Lamborghini Veneno is Las Vegas

dr dre beat headphones The Lutz effect

dr dre beats headphones sale The Lutz effect

Have we seen all of what Lutz can do?

Or have every new model we’ve seen been Lutzified from its previous iteration?

Cuz based on everything thats coming out, come out and what i think, the only REAL 100% Lutz car we have seen come out of GM is the Solstice (and probably every concept thats come out since he took over).

Lets look at the cars:

Malibu = This wasnt a Lutz car right? This was a Lutzified car. It was already in production and Lutz had to change things when he came over. And in order to keep it on schedule he had to change things that wouldnt require the car be rebuilt from the ground up.

STS = We all heard this one. its been Lutzified because it was “too sharp” or pretty much “too friggin ugly” in its initial form. While we can all (well most of us) agree that this is one of the more beautiful A cars to come out, it isnt what Lutz had in mind. Remember he didnt even like the whole A design theme Cadillac took over.

G6 = A 100% Lutz? or Lutzified? I think its the same deal as the Malibu.

GTO = All Lutz. But only because it was a car he so thoroughly enjoyed. He didnt touch a damn thing on the whole car so it looks just like it does in Australia (save for a Pontiac nose)

Cobalt = IS this a car that Lutz didnt have to Lutzify? Was this already in production and looked good enough to not touch (Impossible!!
dr dre beat headphones The Lutz effect
)? OR did he have to jump in and say “this car sux, make it look more like blah blah”? prety much like every car he’s seen since he came here?

Solstice = 100% Lutz. WE all know this. He got the concept in the shortest time, and pushed for a platform to be built for a production version. Damn those GM beancounters. Its very nice indeed.

Grand Prix = We all heard this one, it looks like it does now because Lutz had a hand in it. But we also heard that it looked far worse than it did now BEFORE Lutz came over.

So during his whole what 3 years at GM, has he really had the say in what a car had to be like from the ground up? or did he really have to fix other people’s disastrous designs?

My understanding and belief is that he had to fix everything that was already done. He hasnt had his hand in a whole 100% Lutz car yet. And from what is rumored going on at Saturn,
dr dre beat headphones The Lutz effect
that will be the REAL test of Lutz influence. Since the 3 vehicles previewed at Saturn pretty much wowed everyone who got a chace to see it.

beat by dr dre headphones The List

beats or sony headphones The List

Henry Street Heritage Festival

With Freddie Jackson, Me’lisa Morgan, Zapp, Cruna, Shirley Murdock, Dr. Charles Hayes The Warriors, and Derrick Monk

Transport yourself back to the 1980s with artists performing at this festival. Freddie Jackson’s “You Are My Lady” is one of that era’s romantic classics, while “Rock Me Tonight” is another slow dance favorite.

Zapp was a little nastier, filling dance floors with songs such as “More Bounce to the Ounce.” It’s not quite the same Zapp nowadays, because of the deaths of founding members Roger Troutman and Larry Troutman apparently the result of a murder suicide initiated by Larry Troutman. Next time you listen to the old Tupac and Dr. Dre song, “California Love,” remember that was Roger Troutman playing the vocoder for that space alien chorus. Sunday, Elmwood Park, downtown Roanoke. $10 on Saturday. $8 on Sunday. Free for children 12 and younger. 345 4818.

Norman and Nancy Blake

The Pine Tavern is back as a live music venue, and that’s good news. More good news: its first guestss have seven Grammy nominations over the past decade. Norman Blake, flatpicker extraordinaire, has won the Grammy for two performances on the soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art Thou.” Nancy Blake has performed with artists such as Emmylou Harris and June Carter Cash. Hear them on the IO Jukebox.

Carbon Leaf

With Virginia Coalition

In an IO record review column, Mason Adams wrote: “Bluegrass and celtic influences have increasingly made their way into rock’n’roll, and Carbon Leaf does a good job of blending the two. Carter Gravatt provides nearly all of the folk influence, playing every thing from mandolin to 12 string guitar to lap steel to electronic loops. The rest of the band plays straight forward, mainstream, modern rock. That fusion will very likely appeal to a mainstream or college audience.”
beat by dr dre headphones The List