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On site activation of sponsorships engages audiences better than traditional methods by making them part of the event. As more and more companies support public events, they are realizing that with marketing, one size does not fit all. Layering messages according to different segments within the event’s audience is proving to be far more successful than less aggressive event sponsorship promotions.

At live events, don’t use passive advertising media! Customers do not interact with signs or ATMs. However, on site activations foster experiential marketing, engrossing the brand into the event and making it more memorable to your specific target market demographics.

Leverage the experience. At sports events, the entire audience doesn’t fit one profile. For example, a car manufacturer may want to display its luxury car in the lobby of the arena. However, the fan who purchased the lowest priced event tickets and cannot afford the car will not be exposed to cars in her price range. The fan may be offended, thinking the sponsor has no clue about her, and never consider the manufacturer’s lower priced cars.

On site activation, on the other hand, gives a more personalized experience for fans and a more effective marketing strategy for the sponsor. By segmenting at the event, consumers are more likely to remember their interaction with the brand. Giveaways often have nothing to do with the company and often end up being given out to children, who will never purchase the product. But by layering activation and handing out samples and product information to those who will use the products, marketers will get a much larger return on their investment.
beats by dre headphones wire site Activation

beat headphones sale Singh sentenced in hammer attack

best beats by dre headphones Singh sentenced in hammer attack

Prosecutor David Gilbert, left, speaks as Afzal Masih, a translater, Navjot Singh and defense attorney Patrick O’Connell listen.(Photo: Trace Christenson/The Enquirer)Navjot Singh was sentenced to 12 to 25 years after pleading no contest to charges of armed robbery and assault with intent to murder in the Dec. 28, 2015, robbery of the Citgo gas station at 424 Capital Ave. and an attack with a hammer on the clerk, Rohid Makhija.

Singh entered his plea in September, but standing Friday before Calhoun County Circuit Judge Sarah Lincoln he said he was innocent of the charges.

“In the video I am not doing that,” Singh said through an interpreter, Afzal Masih. “It is someone else made to be like me. I didn’t do any crime.”

Singh, through his attorney, Patrick O’Connell, asked to withdraw his plea and have the case tried by a jury.

“He has maintained his innocence and said he did not commit this crime and did not assault the clerk at the Citgo gas station,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell said Singh is contending that a cab driver actually committed the robbery and assault. when a man wearing a scarf over his face entered the building and went to theback and began spilling coffee. Makhija said he went to clean the mess and was attacked by the man and struck several times in the head with a claw hammer.

The clerk ran out off the station and called for help to a driver for City Cab parked in the lot. Makhija said he went back into the store to see the attacker taking money from the cash register and running out the back.

Battle Creek police had video from the attack and also from Horrocks Farm Market at 235 Capital Ave. showing Singh, a former employee of the gas station,with another man buying a stocking cap, gloves and scarf, which Singh put around his face as he left the store.

Gilbert said not only are the videos evidence that Singh was the robber but owners of the gas station later testified he called him before his arrest to apologize.

Lincoln said after a review of the plea hearing, that Singh understood what he was doing and was fully advised of his rights and would not allow him to withdraw his plea.

“There has been no error in the plea,” she said. “The defendant was clearly explained what his rights were. He said he understood his rights and was not being forced or coerced. And I would note for the record that while a translator was not at the plea taking he was asked if he wanted one and declined on the record. He had a good understanding and could answer my questions appropriately and in the proper context.”

Gilbert told the court that the victim in the case, “just wants justice done and he wants the defendant in prison. Blaming the cab driver is just a lie.”
beat headphones sale Singh sentenced in hammer attack

best beats headphones to buy Singer Jem makes mark through TV

beats headphones for sale Singer Jem makes mark through TV

NEW YORK Chances are you heard Jem music even if you didn know her name. Her on Closer was used on promos for Housewives and the song played behind spots for a Trace. before her debut album Woken was released, Madonna recorded one of Jem songs for the CD Life. to remember, but there was a time when placing music on television was considered unhip. Now it a key strategy in getting artists exposure, and has helped Woken become a modest success.

wrote it to be heard, 29 year old Jemma Griffiths explains over coffee in Times Square. She was promoting her music before going on tour as a support act to Gavin DeGraw, starting March 29.

As a soulful, white singer of electronic based music from Wales, the shorthand description of Jem is that she a peppier Dido. She resented the comparison at first.

bothered me because I felt like my music was very original, she said. like saying you not your own thing, that you walking in the path of someone else. learned to accept that as a necessary evil of describing her music to someone who hasn heard it.

Jem said she knew with certainty at age 13 that she wanted to be a pop singer. That didn stop her from going to law school and earning a degree at the urging of her lawyer dad. Now she better able than most singers to comb through the fine print of contracts.

She also pretty determined. Jem had a friend write a letter in braille to her hero, Stevie Wonder, and tried to interest Dr. Dre in her music, both times without getting replies. She hung out near Beatles producer George Martin studio, trying to get some musicians to bring a note in to him.

didn know how else you would get a recording contract, she said. is going to come knocking at your door. four years of trying to get her career off the ground, Jem said she had only two days she remembers them distinctly when she doubted herself. But she quickly banished those questions from her head.

think I got a give up gene, she said.

She displayed it during a recent appearance on Conan O Night. While jumping around during her performance, her microphone belt flew off. No Ashlee Simpson moment for Jem; she kept going.

When she finally had some labels express interest in her, after hearing a demo that included a song written with British producer Guy Sigsworth, she was nervous. She settled on singer Dave Matthews label, ATO Records, which became known for its patient approach with artists such as David Gray.

Her disc was released in the United States nearly a full year before being put out in Britain last month. market.

But she grew to love it and it turned out to be a great experience, she said.

She has moved to Los Angeles and developed enough contacts to get some interesting side jobs, like being a disc jockey at a party at the Sundance Film Festival.

She craned her neck but couldn tell if anyone famous was out there dancing to her beats. Jem usually starts with some early 1990s rave music and throws in a few old songs Cream of Your Love is a favorite before moving on to newer things.
best beats headphones to buy Singer Jem makes mark through TV

how much are beats headphones Singer Andra Day rises as soul songstress

dr dre beats headphones on sale Singer Andra Day rises as soul songstress

“I was so nervous,” she said. “I kept saying to myself that he’s just a regular person. But in the same breath, I was saying, ‘He’s a legend.’ I felt like a meteor hit my house. It inspired me to keep pushing.”

Day said her manager “sabotaged” her business relationship with Wonder, so it took more than a year to reconnect. After she left that manager, Wonder introduced Day to longtime producer Adrian Gurvitz, who signed her to his label, Buskin Records.

Now her career is taking off. The 31 year old singer is nominated for two Grammy Awards for best R album for her debut album, “Cheers to the Fall,” and for best R performance for her standout single “Rise Up.” The Grammy Awards will be presented in Los Angeles on Feb. 15.

The show will include a duet by Day and fellow nominee Ellie Goulding. Meanwhile, Day is focusing on her upcoming 35 city concert tour, which comes to St. Louis on June 8 at the Pageant.

Everything seems to be falling into place for Day, who typically mediates and prays daily.

“My prayers are being answered for my career,” she said. “These are prayers I’ve been praying for as a kid. There’s a reason I have this platform. There’s a reason I have this gift. It’s a blessing.”

Day has performed at the White House and is being featured on ESPN’s Black History Month special. She can be seen in commercials with Wonder and Serena Williams.

Filmmaker Spike Lee offered to direct the music video for her debut single, “Forever Mine,” after seeing her perform during a Nina Simone tribute at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

M. Night Shyamalan directed her “Rise Up” music video, which is expected to be released this month, Day said. The song caught the interest of Apple executives Tim Cook and Jimmy Iovine, who paired the singer with tennis star Serena Williams in a Beats by Dr. Dre commercial.

ESPN is featuring Day and her song “Rise Up” as part of the network’s Black History Month hour long special, which airs Feb. 14. Her song will be featured throughout the special, which will honor a host of black athletes, including ballet dancer Misty Copeland.

Day credits her rise to her team of supporters, watching Wonder in studio sessions and the mentorship of Gurvitz and Raphael Saadiq, who helped produce “Cheers to the Fall,” an album she co wrote.
how much are beats headphones Singer Andra Day rises as soul songstress

beats studio headphones on sale Silicon Valley

sony x headphones vs beats Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE, Calif. Michael Phelps wants to dive into Silicon Valley’s investment opportunities as he tries to make the transition from Olympic swimming star and product pitchman to entrepreneur.

“I would love to get involved, whether it’s in a couple little startups here and there, take a little risk, have some fun and see where it goes,” Phelps said in an interview during a recent visit to San Jose, California, while appearing at Intuit’s QuickBooks software conference.

For now, Phelps isn’t providing any details about what he is going to do, though he says he has been getting advice from venture capitalists and other experienced investors in Silicon Valley startups.

Getting into tech investing would be a new direction for Phelps, whose business experience to date consists mostly of his own line of swimwear and endorsement deals with the likes of Under Armour, Visa and Wheaties.

These and other big brands have paid him an estimated $75 million during his career. Olympic Committee and Speedo for winning a record 28 medals, including 23 golds, in five Olympics. He’s still promoting products; he is currently doing commercials for computer chipmaker Intel in a campaign that began in October.

Whatever he does next,
beats studio headphones on sale Silicon Valley
Phelps isn’t ready to start his own investment fund, like retired Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant did earlier this year with entrepreneur Jeff Stibel. And if Phelps has ideas for founding a startup of his own, he’s keeping them to himself.

Making the leap from pitchman to businessman won’t be easy, said David Carter, executive director of the University of Southern California’s Marshall Sports Business Institute. “Athletes come and go and many talk a big game, but they don’t follow through,” he said. Phelps “is really going to have commit to learning about business and demonstrate his seriousness about it.”

Other celebrities have ventured into the tech industry in search of riches, with decidedly mixed results.

Notable successes include rapper and record producer Dr. Dre, who was part of the founding team that sold Beats to Apple for $3 billion 2014. Actor Ashton Kutcher co founded an investment fund in 2010 that made early investments in startups such as the ride hailing service Uber, the home rental service Airbnb and the music streaming service Spotify. The fund’s value had soared to $250 million from $30 million, based on a review of its books earlier this year by Forbes magazine.

Among the flops: HJR Capital, a tech investment firm that collapsed in 2009, a decade after former San Francisco 49er lineman Harris Barton founded it and later enticed ex teammates Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott to join him. In Rhode Island, former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling started a video game company that went bankrupt in 2012.

Phelps is exploring ways to expand his business ventures beyond a line of swimwear and other clothing bearing his “MP” logo. Other products are in the pipeline for next year, though he won’t say what.
beats studio headphones on sale Silicon Valley

beats headphones walmart Silberstein with strong base in Lawrence

dr dre beats headphones amazon Silberstein with strong base in Lawrence

While his opponents attacked his record and called for change, state Rep. Barry Finegold stuck to what has proven successful for him knocking on doors and talking to voters.

“I think if you run a grassroots, retail campaign where you listen, I think that is what voters are looking for,” Finegold said.

Voters will choose between Finegold and Republican Jamison Tomasek Nov. 2 in a contest to fill the 2nd Essex and Middlesex District seat, representing Andover, Lawrence, Tewksbury, and Dracut.

Incumbent Sen. Susan Tucker, D Andover, is not seeking re election. Tomasek, an Andover accountant, won the Republican nomination with 59 percent of the vote.

“This was a great step tonight,” Finegold said in a speech to supporters at Palmer’s Restaurant and Tavern in Andover. “We haven’t reached our ultimate goal. We have more to do.”

Debbie Silberstein, an Andover attorney and a member of the Andover School Committee, took second with 28 percent and Andover businessman Jack Wilson came in third with 26 percent. (Eight percent voted for Dracut resident John Kelly, who withdrew from the race in June but remained on the ballot.)

Finegold’s strong base in Lawrence, where Finegold took 46 percent of the vote, helped the state representative of 13 years to victory.

Silberstein felt proud of her campaign and thanked supporters.

“We knocked on 2,
beats headphones walmart Silberstein with strong base in Lawrence
000 doors, raised a tremendous amount of money,” Silberstein said. “We had more endorsements than we ever thought we’d get.”

She believes there was nothing more she could have done and felt her campaign surprised a lot of people with a second place finish.

“I think that if you look across the state, maybe even the country statistically, it’s very hard to beat an incumbent representative that runs for a state senate seat,” Silberstein said.

Wilson, who finished third, said he was very proud of his campaign and said he did everything the way he intended. He believes that although Finegold took the primary, it won’t be an easy road to November for him.

“I think the anti incumbent sentiment and the disconnect between voters and incumbents is very real,” Wilson said. “The anger hasn’t gone anywhere.”

Tomasek beats Rahilly for Republican nod

Tomasek won the Republican state Senate nomination by beating Tewksbury resident Patrick Rahilly.

In primary elections, Tomasek said, voters are looking for the best candidate to win.

“Voters are assessing a candidate’s ability to beat the candidate from the other side,” Tomasek said. “I presented a more attractive candidate to compete against Barry Finegold or whoever was going to win the Democratic nomination.”

Tomasek believes the tough Democratic campaign will hurt Finegold in November.

“The Democrats have just chewed each other up and this message isn’t resonating,” Tomasek said.” I’ve had people lean over to me and say ‘I can’t vote for you on Tuesday because I’m a Democrat but I’m with you in November.'”

Rahilly won 75 percent of the vote in Tewksbury, but had less support in other areas. “It’s an emotional day,” Rahilly said. “You’ve worked for six months, you work a little harder in one town and you may have won or got it a little closer.”

Rahilly refused to endorse Tomasek, pointing to rumors that Tomasek attacked him and his family personally.

ArticlesUsed Apple Store owner evicted from Derry shopResidents struggle with deplorable conditions in Lawrence buildingUPDATE: Many in Merrimack Valley to remain without power until late Friday night, National Grid saysPolice: $70,
beats headphones walmart Silberstein with strong base in Lawrence
000 worth of cocaine seized from man who took package from porch of Lawrence homeSave by Coach ParkerMan arrested in Lawrence drug investigationDerry mourns passing ofDon BallPolice: Man shot in neck in Lawrence during robberyPolice: Loaded gun found in bed where 3 year old child sleeps in Lawrence homeUnstoppable Force: Reynoso the man as Lawrence gets revenge on St. John’s Prep

spiderman beats headphones SIGMASOFT Offers Process Chain Integrated Simulation

beats by dre headphones target SIGMASOFT Offers Process Chain Integrated Simulation

Graph showing shear imbalances in a thermoplastic cold runner.

SIMGASOFT simulation result (temperature distribution) of a mold over a picture of the actual mold.

“Simulation has established itself as an invaluable tool to aid molders and mold makers in providing high quality parts, delivering them in time and for competitive prices. SIGMA Plastic Services, Inc. provides 3D polymer system simulation software, maintenance and support, as well as engineering services using its proprietary tool SIGMASOFT,” said a company spokesperson. “Process chain integrated simulation means to make simulation accessible to ‘everyone.’

“SIGMASOFT has been lauded as ‘The Next Generation of Plastic Simulation’ by its customers and competitors because of its unique combination of ease of use and its capability to consider all details of an entire mold. This, for the first time, opens the utilization of this technology to designers with product responsibilities and production engineers, as no finite element meshing experience is required to use it.

“The utilization of SIGMASOFT can enable molder and mold makers to reduce their ‘time to market’ processing time by the reduction or elimination of prototypes, as well as trial and error runs. Costly modifications of molds, especially when it is discovered that they must be implemented during the ramp up of the series production, can be avoided. SIGMASOFT is designed to be an accurate 3D polymer system simulation software in the market covering thermoplastic, elastomer,
spiderman beats headphones SIGMASOFT Offers Process Chain Integrated Simulation
silicone rubber, thermoset and MIM/CIM materials.”

“Two significant features of version 4.7 are ejection process simulation and the control of heaters by PI controllers.

Ejection: This functionality simulates the ejection process and enables the process engineer to determine precisely when the part has become sufficiently stiff enough to withstand the forces of ejection. In addition, the mold engineer can find the optimal ejector configuration. It can be detected which ejectors are critical and those that do not contribute much to the process. Lastly, the production engineer can assess part deformation due to the ejection action.

PI controller: SIGMASOFT applies and controls the wattage put into a heater’s geometry. This functionality helps to determine the best position for heater and thermocouple. The PI controller functionality supports SIGMASOFT capabilities in simulating thermoplastic hot runners and elastomer/LSR molds.”

Features of SIGMASOFT include:

Automatic 3D meshing of the entire mold (mold plates, slides, air gaps, part, runner, tempering geometries, etc.) within seconds.

is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. We welcome news releases that fit our editorial profile.
spiderman beats headphones SIGMASOFT Offers Process Chain Integrated Simulation

dr dre beats headphones cheap Sidewalk Prophets bringing music of Christmas to metro

beats by dre solo headphones Sidewalk Prophets bringing music of Christmas to metro

Frey, 30, said Thursday’s concert will feature the acoustic style music that the band started out playing in coffee houses and other small venues years ago. Concertgoers will be treated to the sounds of harmonicas, a glockenspiel, a dobro, a stand up bass and, of course, “lots of jingle bells and all sorts of guitars.”

Frey said the musical style will set the atmosphere for an intimate evening of Christmas music.

He said Sidewalk Prophetsjust released a new Christmas album “Because It’s Christmas” and the band will perform some of the songs from that compilation, including the title track.

Frey said it’s an upbeat song written to remind listeners of the reason Christmas is celebrated.

“We run to the mall on Black Friday and we often neglect to celebrate the season and slow it down and celebrate Jesus’ birth. The song kind of reminds us because it’s Christmas , let’s take some time to celebrate Jesus.”
dr dre beats headphones cheap Sidewalk Prophets bringing music of Christmas to metro

best buy dre beats headphones Shows you need to know about for Aug

headphones beats review Shows you need to know about for Aug

House of Blues, 225 Decatur St.

Tickets: $25

As the stepbrother of Dr. Dre, Warren G was, perhaps, destined to be a player in West Coast rap. A native of Long Beach, California, he co founded the group 213 with fellow aspiring rappers Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. After contributing to Dre’s classic “The Chronic,” Warren G stepped out with his 1994 debut “Regulate . G Funk Era.” Crammed with the sort of low riding beats and gangland chronicles that largely defined California hip hop at the time, “Regulate . G Funk Era” sold more than 3 million copies; Nate Dogg appeared on the hit “Regulate.” Warren G was never able to replicate its success, but that album endures as a snapshot of hip hop history. Blake Owens and Alfred Banks. Thursday

Snug Harbor, 626 Frenchmen St.

Tickets: $15

With Indian Blue, three of New Orleans’ foremost roots music artists find common ground between their respective genres. Monk Boudreaux, the longtime Big Chief of the Golden Eagles, is a keeper of the Mardi Gras Indian flame; for decades, he sang the more traditional chants in the Wild Magnolias repertoire. Harmonica player, singer and accordionist Johnny Sansone specializes in blues. And John Fohl ranks among the city’s most versatile guitarists; his credits include a decade in Dr. John’s band. Together, they form an only in New Orleans amalgamation. Thursday

Ogden Museum of Southern Art, 925 Camp St. As evidenced by her rousing set as the rain rolled in at this year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, her songs, often intimate in their initial form, can easily accommodate additional instruments and backing vocals. She released her sumptuous national debut, “Create Your Own Mythology,” in 2015. The globe trotting Diable returns to her hometown for a show as part of the early evening Ogden After Hours series at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Tickets: $10

Kenny Brown was born into Mississippi blues. As a teenage slide guitarist, he was tutored by such Hill Country legends as Joe Calicott and Fred McDowell. Burnside. Since Burnside’s passing, Brown has continued to tour extensively with his own band, conjuring sweeping, spooky, droning roadhouse blues.

Other noteworthy shows this week:On FRIDAY, jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis holds court at Snug Harbor. Johnny Sketch the Dirty Notes team up with Water Seed for a free show at Tipitina’s. Homegrown hard rock band Eyehategod is at Southport Hall. Gov’t Majik jams at the Blue Nile. Powerhouse R and soul belter Erica Falls fronts her band at Chickie Wah Wah. Trumpeter Eric “Benny” Bloomof Lettuce blazes with hisSonic Bloom at the Maple Leaf. Costumed cover band Bag of Donuts is at Rock ‘n’ Bowl.

On SATURDAY, trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis fronts a sextet at Snug Harbor. the Zydeco Twisters rev up Rock ‘n’ Bowl. The Circle Bar presents the Happy Talk Band and Rik Slave’s Country Persuasion. The Maison on Frenchmen Street has the Brass A Holics and the Big Easy Brawlers. Burlesque/feminist/nerd rapper yes, she’s all those things Boyfriend hosts her fourth annual birthday bash at Tipitina’s; admission is free, and the lyrical content will be decidedly adult in nature.

On SUNDAY, the Brass A Holics are at Gasa Gasa. Jazz vocalist Germaine Bazzle is at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse in the Royal Sonesta. The Joe Krown Trio grooves at the Maple Leaf. Jazz bassist Peter Harris anchors a trio at Snug Harbor.
best buy dre beats headphones Shows you need to know about for Aug

dre beat headphone shows teammates value of diligence

lebron james beats headphones shows teammates value of diligence

CORVALLIS In seventh grade, hatched a plan with a classmate to own an avocado orchard in Mexico. They spent years picking a location, a name and a chief investor.

Shortly after the 2012 signing day, Ortiz’s home phone rang. It was Kansas State coach Bill Snyder offering him a scholarship to play linebacker. Ortiz, then a senior at Southern California’s Mater Dei High School, politely declined. He had already agreed to walk on at Oregon State, where a premier agricultural sciences program could prepare him for that career in avocados.

Few of Ortiz’s teammates know about their backup fullback’s entrepreneurial ambitions. The sophomore tends to keep to himself, biding time studying OSU’s playbook or listening to music on his orange Beats By Dre headphones.

To most Beavers, running back Terron Ward surmised with a smile, Ortiz is “that crazy kid in the corner of the classroom.” The walk on, after all, sheds his mellow demeanor when he steps on the field. He embraces contact, rushing toward opponents with the reckless abandon of a 12 year old at recess.

More than once in fall camp, cornerbacks and linebackers have complained about Ortiz’s intensity. He could hurt someone, they say. Did he forget it’s just practice?

“That position, you’ve got to be one of the toughest guys on the field,” offensive coordinator John Garrett said. “You’ve got to be just callous to contact. That’s the way he is. He’ll put his face in there.”

As a redshirt freshman last year, Ortiz thrived as a gunner on special teams. He was free to run, hit and tackle everything he relishes most.

During the offseason, he offered teammates tutorials on diligence. Ortiz was often lifting weights in the Sports Performance Center two hours after fellow Beavers had headed home,
dre beat headphone shows teammates value of diligence
starting fullback Tyler Anderson said. Not satisfied with simply completing strength coach Bryan Miller’s laundry list of exercises, Ortiz crafted workouts of his own.

“I worked out with him a few times,” Anderson said. “He pushed me to levels I had never pushed before.”

For nearly two weeks, the 6 foot, 230 pound Ortiz has earned praise running with the starters while Anderson nurses a nagging leg injury. Head coach Mike Riley twice called Ortiz “one of our best overall players” in the past three days. After Friday’s practice, Garrett and running backs coach Chris Brasfield leaned on titles like “ironman” and “wonderful team guy” when discussing Ortiz.

Whether such lauds will translate to a significant offensive role, though, remains unclear. Last year, the Beavers seldom utilized the fullback. Anderson, a short yardage threat when healthy, totaled 11 receptions and five carries on the season. Ortiz has yet to cross the sideline for more than blocking or tackling.

“It depends on scheme and the game plan for that week,” Brasfield said. “But I know he can go up and get it done.”

As a walk on, Ortiz faces a harsh reality. He grinds in anonymity, laboring through lengthy film sessions and practices without the luxury of free education.

But Ortiz’s workmanlike approach has put him at the top of Riley’s list for when a scholarship becomes available. If that day arrives, Ortiz said he would appreciate having earned it. Signing with Kansas State likely couldn’t have rivaled the joy of effort acknowledged.

“Honestly, I’m very religious,” Ortiz said. “I put it all in the Lord’s hands. I’ll just continue to do my time and wherever the Lord takes me, I’ll go.”

He has designs on landing outside Guadalajara, where he will run the avocado orchard he and his business partner will call “Imperio” (Spanish for empire). His friend is transferring to OSU from a junior college so they can more easily finalize plans. His buddy’s dad, who owns sugarcane fields in Mexico,
dre beat headphone shows teammates value of diligence
has already invested a sizable amount in the budding company.