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There are many jobs available to individuals with degrees in biology. is usually required for independent research, but a bachelor’s or master’s degree is sufficient for many careers in applied research, product development, and health care, as well as many nonresearch jobs. Department of Labor, job competition can be quite high for doctoral degree holders seeking independent research positions, however those with bachelor’s or master’s degrees generally have ample employment opportunities.

Many jobs for biologists are in fields such as Health Care, Research and Development, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Education, Public Health, Government Agencies, and Forensic Science. Department of Labor statistics indicate that about 40% of biological scientists work for the government in some capacity, while most of the rest work in pharmaceutical and biotechnology establishments, hospitals, or research and testing laboratories. Many biologists also go on to hold teaching positions in universities, colleges, and secondary schools. Here is a list of some employers of biologists:Public health facilities

Zoos and AquariumsFish and Wildlife Service

National Institutes of HealthManufactures of lab equipment

Dental Heath facilitiesThe Future of Biology

Although no one can predict the future, job growth in biology continues to be higher than the national average. The biological sciences experienced rapid growth in the 80’s and 90’s, mostly because of the growth of major biotechnology companies. Unfortunately, competition for jobs will almost certainly remain high for those seeking independent research positions. However, the future is brighter for those looking for science related jobs in sales, marketing, and research management, or as engineering technicians, health technologists and technicians. Dept of Labor) Biology Job Links
lebron james beats headphones Prospective Students

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beat headphones pro Promotion and Tenure Policy

The Division of Education, Human Development and Social Sciences represents diverse disciplines and requires a balanced, flexible, and equitable promotion and tenure policy consistent with the consistent with the directives and spirit of University Academic Policies AC21 and AC23. In broad terms, the policy is intended to ensure that the members of our Division are effective teachers, productive scholars, and responsible members of the university and professional communities. Reviews shall be conducted with due respect and confidentiality.

The Division Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, formed via the Altoona College Promotion and Tenure Review Procedures, will make its recommendations on the basis of careful review of all of the available evidence in relation to the following criteria:

Effective teaching is critical for promotion or tenure. Although most teaching occurs in the classroom, teaching is understood in its broadest sense and may include a variety of contacts with students such as advising, independent studies, and engaged scholarship. It is essential that the instructor communicates effectively, is fair and objective, and maintains sound academic standards in evaluation of students. Evaluation of teaching effectiveness will go beyond the administering of SRTEs. Peer evaluations will be conducted in accordance with the Division’s Guidelines for Peer Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness and the Second Form of Student Evaluation.

The Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments

An active scholarly record is essential for promotion and tenure. While there must be some concrete evidence of accomplishments in this area, research and scholarship are not construed narrowly. In addition to the traditional publication record, we also acknowledge pedagogical materials, curriculum development, and textbooks as products of research. The Division’s statement on the Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments serves as the faculty member’s guide in this area. The Division encourages its faculty to seek external grants, present papers at professional meetings, develop new courses and programs, and engage in the full range of activities associated with this area. The Division fully supports the Altoona College statement encouraging innovative and interdisciplinary ways for faculty to realize professional growth and achievement.

The Division values service as part of a long term professional trajectory for faculty. Service comes in many forms but primarily falls into four categories: service to the institution, community and civic engagement, community outreach, and service to the discipline or profession. The Division’s statement on Service and the Scholarship of Service to the University, Society, and the Profession provides guidance. Ultimately, the Division does not view service as a series of disconnected actions or “add ons” to a busy schedule. It is viewed as an essential part of a well functioning academic unit, College and University.

Division Promotion and Tenure Review Committee Composition

As mandated by the Altoona College Promotion and Tenure Policy, the Division will form a Promotion and Tenure Review Committee by the second week in April. All eligible Division Faculty members will be asked to indicate if they would be willing or unable to serve, and from the willing faculty a committee will be elected within the following constraints:

It will be composed of three members or the odd number greater than or equal to the number of different disciplines represented among the candidates for that year.

The committee must include at least one member, eligible to vote, representing each candidate’s discipline.

The majority of the committee members must hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. All members of the committee must be tenured.

For evaluation of candidates seeking promotion, only members of higher ranks may vote, and there must be at least three members eligible to vote.

The Division Head will appoint committee members from outside the Division, if necessary, to meet these requirements or to replace elected members who are unable to serve.

Only standing tenure line faculty are eligible to vote.

The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will serve on the committee. In the event multiple seats are open, those receiving the next highest vote totals will also serve on the committee.

In the event of a tie, a second vote by standing tenure line faculty will select the candidate. Should a tie remain after this vote, the Division Head will select from the remaining candidates.
dre beats studio headphones Promotion and Tenure Policy

all beat headphones Prominent Democrats urge Jay Goyal to enter race for Tiberi

beats over ear headphones Prominent Democrats urge Jay Goyal to enter race for Tiberi

WASHINGTON Top Democrats in central Ohio are urging former Ohio House Majority Whip Jay Goyal of Mansfield to run for the congressional seat that will be vacated this month by Republican Pat Tiberi.In interviews Friday, Rep. Joyce Beatty, D Jefferson Township, and Franklin County Commissioner John O’Grady both said they would support the 37 year old Goyal, saying the rising voter opposition to President Donald Trump could help Democrats win a seat held by the Republicans since 1982.is brilliant, a hard worker, and I can imagine not ever being on the side of Jay Goyal in any race he was in, Beatty said. consider myself a godmother to Jay Goyal, she said, noting that she recruited him to run for the Statehouse more than a decade ago.O’Grady called Goyal a “prolific fundraiser” who “knows large chunks of this district very well, having represented” much of it while in the Ohio House. House’s 12th District spans northern Franklin County suburbs and runs northeast to Richland County and east to take in Licking County and part of Muskingum County.Noting that Democrats are increasingly energized because of their opposition to Trump, O’Grady said there is a heightened awareness that the 12th District is “much more in play these days. addition, sources say that two other Democrats, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and city Attorney Zach Klein, are interested in supporting Goyal.In an interview Thursday, Goyal, who as a legislator represented Richland County, said he has some people reach out to me, encouraging me to run. something I am giving some thought to, Goyal said. something I will be making a decision on pretty shortly. a graduate of Northwestern University, was elected to the Ohio House in 2006. He served three terms but did not seek re election in 2012, opting instead to run a family business in Mansfield.Tiberi district, which he has represented since 2001, has leaned increasingly toward the GOP, with Tiberi winning 67 percent of the vote in 2016.But Beatty said this year might be a strong one for Democrats, and Goyal, an aggressive fundraiser who is a solid campaigner, might have an advantage.Beatty said she has spoken to a few of the Democrats interested in the seat, but had the longest conversation with Jay because of the excitement of what he could bring to the race. John Kasich issued an order Friday setting Aug. 7 as the date of a special general election for the seat and May 8 for a primary election. That’s also the date of the regular primary for the November general election, so voters will have two sets of votes on the 12th District seat that day. The filing deadline for candidates in both elections is Feb. 7.The central Ohio support for Goyal is partly the result of strong distaste among many Democrats for former Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott, who has said he will enter the Democratic primary.O’Grady would say only that “the former sheriff” has not “talked to me or any other of the local Democratic officials. That is a big mistake.”Tiberi, of Genoa Township, announced in October that he will step down to take a job heading the Ohio Business Roundtable.Among those who have announced plans to run for the seat are Republican state Sens. Kevin Bacon of Minerva Park and Troy Balderson of Zanesville; Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O Hoover Institution economist Tim Kane of Dublin, Brandon Grisez of Worthington, a Marine; and real estate investor and Army veteran Jon Halverstadt of Worthington.In addition to Scott, Democrats Doug Wilson of Mansfield, John Russell of Galena, John Peters of Newark, and businessman Ed Albertson of Granville have announced their intention to run.
all beat headphones Prominent Democrats urge Jay Goyal to enter race for Tiberi

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beats headphone cables Program Planning Design

Toggle navigation MENTOR The National Mentoring Partnership

Developing an Advisory CommitteeThe best way to start designing your youth mentoring program is to assemble the people (stakeholders) who want to support its development. Together, these individuals will form your program planning or advisory committee. This group might consist of parents, teachers, counselors, youth development staff members, colleagues, community partners, youth, etc. Ideally, these individuals will see an opportunity to support youth in your community through mentoring. This advisory committee can help you:

With the support of your advisory committee, you can conduct a needs assessment to formally identify the need for youth mentoring in your community. This important step will help you develop program specific goals you’ll need to communicate to funders,
where to buy beats headphones Program Planning Design
families, community partners, and other supporters. This process will also tell you if a program already exists that could serve your target population. In general it is best to avoid creating redundant programs within a community. Ask yourself if your program will address an unmet need. For programs embedded in larger agencies, your goals and objectives for mentoring relationships should align with your agency’s overall mission and vision.

A vision statement clearly identifies the organization’s primary goal and reason for existenceA mission statement broadly speaks to how the organization plans to realize its vision

Theory of ChangeYou will need to develop a theory of change and/or logic model for your program. A theory of change explains how your mentoring services and the activities in which mentors and mentees engage will yield the outcomes you seek.

Board of DirectorsDepending on the structure and setting of your program, there should be either a formal Board of Directors or an advisory committee that approves program plans, provides input and feedback on program decisions, and offers general oversight and leadership to the program.

Some programs even have both, with the formal Board handling typical governance and fiduciary responsibilities, and an advisory committee to provide voice to constituents and stakeholders as the program evolves over time.

It is especially important for embedded programs to have their own dedicated advisory committee so that stakeholders have a say in how services are delivered and to help ensure that the program gets the support it needs.

Identify other organizations (such as counseling centers, food pantries, and schools) that offer resources or services that support your intended outcomesEstablish relationships possibly formal partnerships with organizations you intend to collaborate with regularlyAcquire or create a quick reference guide to community service providers as a resource for your staff and volunteers.
where to buy beats headphones Program Planning Design

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beats headphones wireless Profits Through Ethnic Marketing

marketplace, marketing to various ethnic audiences is vital to consumer oriented product and service companies. Latinos and African Americans already have a critical mass of buying power of over $1 trillion combined and this total is increasing rapidly. The growth of the Hispanic and African American affluent and middle class is occurring faster than the majority of Caucasian Americans. These ethnic audiences are becoming so large and lucrative that even sub groups of them command substantial buying power. Becoming the dominate player within a sub group such as affluent and middle class 2nd generation Latinos would allow a company to make substantial revenue and develop a strong loyal customer base. To “own” an ethnic market space would enable a company to obtain monopoly like profits!

Tapping into and creating ethnic space monopolies is at the heart of this article and should be the goal of every ethnic marketing plan. Owning an ethnic market space yields the following 4 critical benefits:

1. High Monopoly Like Profits

2. Loyal Customer Base

3. High Lifetime Value of Customers

4. Low Competitive Dynamics (Competition Blind Spots)

It is for this reason that ethnic marketing and owning market space in the Hispanic and African American audiences is not a “side” item, but a vital strategy which affects the whole enterprise and will only increase in importance as this century progresses. This kind of marketing can turn a marginally profitable company into a revenue generating “powerhouse” and an unprofitable company into a firm that operates solidly in the “black” no pun intended.

Importance of Perceived Needs

The first step to finding “ownable” ethnic market spaces is to discover which groups of ethnic consumers are underserved or are not actively targeted by an industry product or service offerings. An executive, manager, or business owner must find an ethnic market space with a differing set of values, and different perceived needs than mainstream consumers. For example, Hispanics believe that family life and the home are very important, so products and services by a company geared toward key aspects of domestic home life have a chance to dominate niches within that space.

The most powerful driver of finding an untapped market space of ethnic customers is perceived need whether that is for basic functionality or additional comfort or luxury. One may say that this is also true for the general market but a good marketer will understand that this perception of need differs from mainstream consumers. Latinos and African Americans view the world and products services from a completely different paradigm than Caucasian Americans. Their values, lifestyle, cultural and taste are all different from the mainstream and this phenomenon translates into unique selection, buying,
beats by dre headphone cable Profits Through Ethnic Marketing
and usage habits for a given set of goods and services. For example, the urban African American class higher desire for stylish and designer brand items and the raised threshold for luxury should be a driving factor in developing products and services for this market space.

Capitalize on Heterogeneous View by Competitors

An additional key factor for locating potential monopoly spaces is to examine ethnic spaces overlooked by the competition. In the multicultural marketing of even the most progressive companies, often whole ethnic groups are viewed heterogeneously. Especially for Latinos, this could not be a bigger mistake. Latinos have a multitude of sub groups that are the result of the following major factors:

A company cannot expect to use mainstream marketing to effectively reach Latinos and African Americans. For Blacks, the “they speak English too” syndrome pervades throughout industry and is used as an excuse for not trying to understand the various segments within the African American consumer audience. For astute executives and marketers, “broad brush” marketing by the competition to ethnic audiences represents huge opportunities to own a substantial set of key niche spaces within the Latino and African American audiences. To many marketers, these ethnic niches are invisible. This relationship is particularly important for companies offering a service or providing a product that differentiates itself in the marketplace. This means not just having marketing featuring Latinos and African American characters and themes but targeting specific groups within this audience. This type of marketing will really speak to the target group and develop deep ties with them that will be hard to break by competitors. It is important to concentrate on a key set of sub groups to maximize penetration and effectiveness, and to create a strong base. market, it will become essential to ensure business growth. Companies are now looking to ethnic minority groups as a source to fuel their growth as the mainstream market continues to be over saturated. To own a space, it is vital to let the perceived need of a targeted group drive the product or service offering, and to understand the nuances in reaching sub groups within the greater minority audience. which are equally or more attractive than China or India, due to their easier accessibility and huge buying power. Readers of this article and visitors to our website are eligible for a free 20 minute consultation on your company multicultural marketing.
beats by dre headphone cable Profits Through Ethnic Marketing

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dr dre monster beat headphones Professional Quality at an Amateur Price

Business Grade Professional Expectations

Although the consumer laptop market is massive, there’s also a large market for business laptops. In this market it’s not just the hardware that is important, but also the design of the laptop and the value added software. A great business laptop needs to have an elegant, professional chassis that’s durable enough to survive frequent travel. It also needs to have software that provides excellent security.

That’s a lot to ask, particularly for under $1000. HP, however, is promising all of this for as little as $579. Is it possible to create a competent, professional laptop with a meager budget?Rating At first glance you’ll be hard pressed to tell the ProBook 4430 from any other business laptop, and considering the price, that’s a compliment. Most of the laptop’s lid, with the exception of a plastic strip along the top, is made of brushed aluminum. The metal isn’t as thick as what you’d find on a MacBook, but it looks great. This same finish can be found on the interior of the laptop, and the result is a feeling of luxury.

Keyboard critics will have very little to harp on, as this ProBook comes equipped with island style keys that are large and provide good travel. There’s almost no keyboard flex to be found, even when purposely trying to induce it. The touchpad has a conventional two button layout that works extremely well, although the left/right buttons could use a little more travel.

Display and Audio Quality

Rating Matte screen fans rejoice the 4430s features a matte 14″ display. The resolution is only 1366×768, but that’s not surprising considering the low price of this laptop. However, there’s no resolution upgrade available as an option, which is a bit disappointing. An optional upgrade to a 1600×900 panel would be excellent.

While the matte finish of the display wards off glare, it does suck down the contrast. As a result, the display on the 4430s is a poor choice for multimedia content. Movies tend to appear very washed out, and it’s difficult to tell what’s happening in dim scenes because the display can’t properly display subtle differences in dark colors.

Surprisingly, audio quality is more than adequate. HP has been making the improvement of laptop audio a priority with its Beats by Dr. Dre brand, and this has been leaking over to all of the company’s notebooks. Our review unit came with the following hardware.

Intel Core i3 2310M 4GB RAM 320GB Hard Drive Intel HD 3000 Graphics (integrated) 4x USB Port 1x HDMI 1x VGA 1x Ethernet Card Reader Headphone/Mic Jacks CD/DVD Optical Drive

As you might expect, this resulted in excellent performance. Although the Core i3 2310M is one of Intel’s least powerful second generation Core processors, it is still far quicker than any processor from AMD and quicker than Intel’s older processor line. The included Intel HD 3000 IGP also performed well. Let’s have a look at some benchmark data.

SiSoft Sandra Processor Arithmetic: 29.53 GOPS 7 Zip Compression/Decompression: 4665/6028 3DMark 06: 2454

While there are quicker laptops available, these results are extremely competitive with any laptop priced below $600. And remember, our configuration represents the most basic model available. Upgrades to Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and a variety of other components are available.

The base 6 cell battery provides up to six hours of battery life, although real world use will result in around 5 hours assuming that WiFi is one and the display brightness is reasonably high. An optional 9 cell battery can further improve battery life, but will cost you $59 dollars. Businesses are obviously concerned about information security, so they look for laptops that come pre configured with simple ways to keep information from falling into the wrong hands.

HP’s solution is called HP ProtectTools. It includes features like drive encryption, password management and enhanced pre boot security. Although these features don’t have to be used if you don’t need them, they’re a great benefit if you do. The password management solution, for example, is handy for both businesses and consumers alike.

That’s not all. There’s a wide range of other software including HP QuickWeb, a quick boot mini operating system, and custom power and wireless networking management. Remember, we’re talking about a laptop with a second gen Intel Core i3 processor that starts at just $579. Many consumer laptops at this same price have cheap plastic bodies with terrible glossy displays.

This laptop is an entirely different and more refined beast. It offers a matte display that’s usable in almost any lighting conditions and an aluminum finish that will look great in any conference room. Budget conscious business professionals in the market for a new notebook absolutely must give this laptop consideration.
beats headphone earbuds Professional Quality at an Amateur Price

beats vs sony x headphones products and ideas for tangle

beat headphone reviews products and ideas for tangle

Anyone who wrestled with tangled earbuds knows how hard it can be to keep the little devils from becoming a scrambled bunch of knots, no matter where or how you store them.

Here the latest in cord technology designed to solve this messy problem:Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 and Pro Mike models have an actual zipper between the cords; the glow in the dark green version would be easy to dig out of the dark recesses of a bag. The Slide model employs a tiny zipper attachment like the ones on re sealable plastic containers. Wrap the cords around the phone and secure with the built in magnet. Pull one of the earbuds to release them from the spool when needed. You can devise your own out of scraps of material, or find distinctive leather ones online.

Knitters can create a menagerie of cute earbud holders,
beats vs sony x headphones products and ideas for tangle
including turtles, fish, frogs and mice. Tiny pouches secured with small buttons or snaps can be made quickly. YouTube got a half dozen or more helpful folk who think they got it figured out, and are willing to share.
beats vs sony x headphones products and ideas for tangle

beats headphones wiki Production of tapioca crop varieties in Kerala

beats headphones website Production of tapioca crop varieties in Kerala

Cassava (Manihot esculanta Crantz; family Euphorbiaceae) is the most important starchy food crop grown in the tropics. Common names of cassava are tapioca, manioc, manihot and yucca. Cassava originated in Latin America and was later introduced into Asia and Africa. It is well adapted to varied soil and environmental conditions, tolerant to low soil fertility and biotic stresses. It is a highly efficient carbohydrate compared to other food crops and therefore consumed as staple food. In India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the two major tapioca growing states, together accounting for about 98 per cent of total tapioca growing area. The leaves and roots are considered as nutritionally valuable and constitute 50% and 6% of the mature cassava plant, respectively. However, nutritional value of cassava root is highly important as it is consumed in most of the developing countries, including India. Cassava root is a good source of energy but protein, fat and other essential nutrients are in low quantity (Table 1)

Edible and non edible varieties

Several edible and non edible varieties of cassava are commercially cultivated worldwide. M 4 is considered one of the best edible variety with superior culinary qualities. Cooked roots of this variety are soft, highly delicious and contains negligible cyanogen content. The other edible varieties are Sree Visakham, Sree Sathya, Sree Jaya, Sree Vijaya, Sree Rekha and Sree Prabha (2). Many hybrid varieties such as H 97, H 165, H 226 have been developed by extensive inter varietal hybridisation by Central Tuber Crop Research Institute (CTCRI), Kerala (3). Besides these, about 125 local varieties have also been recorded which are the result of farmer selection of clones, chance hybrids or mutation occurring over the centuries. Starch, the prime nutritive component of cassava, varies from one variety to another (Table 2)

Due to presence of cyanogenic glycosides, processing (peeling, slicing and cooking) should be done with utmost care while using tapioca as a food. Cyanogenic glycosides are present in many edible plants and seeds, when fresh plant material is macerated/chewed, it associates with enzymes and releases hydrogen cyanide. Tapioca cultivars are characterised as “sweet” (below 10mg/100g of fresh weight) and “bitter” cultivars (above 20mg/100g fresh weight), depending upon the presence of cyanogenic glycosides quantity. “Sweet” types may be eaten raw or cooked after boiling whereas “bitter” varieties are not commercially traded and traditionally processed by peeling, grating, fermenting, dehydrating, sun drying, frying or boiling. The roots mature to harvest during 8 to 24 months of plantation, which also depend on the cultivar and climate. Anatomically, the cassava roots can be divided into three main areas viz. periderm (outermost layer), cortex (middle layer) and starchy flesh (central portion) (6).

Production and yield of cassava in India

Marginal reduction in production of cassava has been observed from 2009 to 2014, which correlates with the decrease in the cultivation area (7) (Table 1). The reason for observed decline in cassava production in India specifically in Kerala is due to prominence gained by plantation crops like rubber, black pepper, and coffee,
beats headphones wiki Production of tapioca crop varieties in Kerala
which provide more cash income to the farmers (3). Globally, after maize, rice, wheat and potato, cassava ranks fifth in terms of production and sixth in terms of area cultivated. In India, it is mainly cultivated in southern peninsular region including Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam and Meghalaya. India exports several forms of tapioca products like raw tapioca tubers, starch, sago and sago pith. The export of tapioca and its value added products has slightly decreased from 152.4 million (2012 13) to 145.1 million (April December 2013 14) (8).

Price trend of cassava

An analysis over the period from January 1999 to June 2011 revealed that the peak phase for cassava prices in Kerala is in the months of March and April (9). This is the result of increasing demand from the industries involved in starch production since the quality of starch manufactured during the dry summer days is good. The observed rise in prices of cassava in Kerala during the period of September to November is due to poor market arrival (Figure 1).

Post harvest uses of cassava

Food: The leaves are known to contain up to 25 per cent protein on a dry matter basis, and are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A and C. The essential amino acid content of leaf protein is similar to that found in a hen’s egg. Roots are the main part which are processed and consumed as a food in various forms. Several value added edible products of cassava such as sago, starch, chips, flour, wafer, papad are commercially available throughout Kerala and India.

Animal feed: The roots and leaves are used to prepare animal and poultry feed at commercial scale. Consumption of fresh leaves is generally avoided due to their high cyanide content. Traditional processing techniques such as sun drying and ensiling is carried out to release cyanide before using them as feed for animals.

Industrial uses: Various valuable modified starch based products are made out of cassava for their application in food products and feedstock such as sweeteners, fructose, alcohol and monosodium glutamate. Modified starch is also used in the manufacture of paper, textiles and plywood. Traditional chemical methods employed for identification of starch are time as well as money consuming and are not adequate for rapid analysis. Nowadays, modern identification tools (FT IR) are being used and proposed for rapid, non invasive, chemical free and cost efficient analysis (12).

Diseases and pests

The cassava farmers bear huge losses in the yield due to attack and infestation of insects and pests, with high incidence in the areas where cultivation is done round the year (13). Some of the important pest and disease are:

Bacterial blights: Bacterial blight is caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis and is transmitted by infected planting material and farm tools. It can be controlled by using tolerant varieties, hot water treatment of stakes, sterilisation, and intercropping.

Viral diseases: Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) and cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) are the common viral diseases. CMD, caused by Gemini viruses is the most serious issue in Kerala. The diseased plants show the symptoms of reduced leaf size, stunted growth, leaf curling and mosaic resulting in reduced yield. Routine sanitation of cultivation field, use of disease free planting stem and tolerant varieties, vector control are recommended by experts for reduced disease incidence.

Tuber rot: Phytophthora dreschleri is a causal organism of tuber rot of cassava, which leads to discolouration and rotting of tissues. Immersing the stakes in Trichoderma viride suspension protects against soil borne phyto pathogenic fungi.

Mites: Spider mites (Tetranychus cinnabarinus, T. neocaledonicus Eutetranychus orientalis and Oligonychus biharensis) attack during dry season which causes chlorosis, withering and curling. Mites may be controlled with spray of neem oil or chemicals.

Scale insect: Anoidomytllus albus attack results in drying of the cassava plant and can be controlled with insecticides.

Termites and white grubs: Termite, Odontotermes obesus and white grub, Leucopholis coneophora infests the plants which results in complete drying.
beats headphones wiki Production of tapioca crop varieties in Kerala

monster beat headphone Produced Without Benefit of Inspection

beat headphones for running Produced Without Benefit of Inspection

WASHINGTON, Nov. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The ready to eat (RTE) meat and poultry items were produced on Nov. 1, 2017. The following products are subject to recall:

There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider.

Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact CC Kitchen’s Consumer Hotline, at (513) 956 0070. Media with questions about the recall can contact Melissa Wideman, Vice President of Community Relations, at (513) 651 0206. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.

The ready to eat (RTE) meat and poultry items were produced on Nov. 1, 2017. The following products are subject to recall:

There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider.

Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact CC Kitchen’s Consumer Hotline, at (513) 956 0070. Media with questions about the recall can contact Melissa Wideman, Vice President of Community Relations, at (513) 651 0206.
monster beat headphone Produced Without Benefit of Inspection

beats headphones lowest price Procrastination Solutions

master beats headphones Procrastination Solutions

For those of you who don’t struggle with procrastination. Congratulations! I find procrastination especially frustrating to handle, when it disguises itself as irritability, confusion and anger, pointing my heart and mind away from where the real causes lie.

Procrastination is a temporary solution to cover or push away intense feelings during the creative process. Some creatives feel anxiety before starting a project. Others feel depressed in the middle of creating a project. Still others struggle being unable to finish a project, especially one that comes closest to the realization of part of their artistic vision. They don’t want to face the unknowns of exploring a new project.

Procrastination is a form of self sabotage. I call it a short term last resort. If you let procrastination go, it can take over your life. In the following exercises,
beats headphones lowest price Procrastination Solutions
I can increase your awareness of how procrastination may be interfering with your work. Remember to choose to work one exercise at time. Take your time when you write. Be patient as you start to react to these two exercises. Let your mind and heart gently guide you toward deeper awareness and desire to change.


Lists are easy to write in your journal. If you can write a laundry list, then you can write a journal list. Feel free to choose organization tools that work best for you. My preference is to use a combination of my calendar, some goal files (pc), index cards and my memory. When I’m creating lists, I like having access to both flexible tools(cards and memory) and a workable structure ( past lists and some goal files). Remember to write a clear, easy to read, and detailed to do list.
beats headphones lowest price Procrastination Solutions