beats headphones target Nortek to buy 2GIG for

beats the headphones Nortek to buy 2GIG for

2GIG, known for its Go!Control system, is a manufacturer of security and home automation equipment. The company was launched in 2009 by two former Honeywell employees.Nortek’s Linear business helped develop the 2GIG Go!Control product. Linear was in the news a couple of weeks ago when it purchased a line of Z Wave enabled products.”Our partnership with 2GIG goes back about five years. We worked with 2GIG on developing the original panel as well as the systems that have evolved around that panel,” Mike O’Neal, president of Linear, told Security Systems News. “We have a very tight working relationship.”O’Neal is excited about now being able to bring 2GIG products “to a whole range of new dealers and distributors.”Vivint was 2GIG’s largest customer and will now become Linear’s largest customer, and Linear is looking forward to “continuing to work with [Vivint] as they move through and innovate around the security industry moving forward,” O’Neal said. The deal includes a five year supply agreement with Vivint.He said Linear’s purchase of a Z Wave line is indicative of how it is looking at “other possibilities and finding products that complement what we view as the future of the security industry.”Will that mean more acquisitions? Perhaps. “We may buy, license, build or develop [new offerings], but you’ll see a lot coming from us in the next 18 to 24 months,” he said.”This is an absolute perfect fit for 2GIG,” Lance Dean, 2GIG co founder told SSN in an email interview. “We’ve known Nortek/Linear from the very beginning. They’ve been an instrumental part of our success.””This will allow us to become a major player in the space for years to come. Nortek/Linear brings tremendous resources and capabilities they’re a manufacturing organization and they have a tremendous suite of products. There are so many synergies between the two groups,” Dean said.2GIG is currently owned by Blackstone. Blackstone acquired 2GIG in December, the same time it acquired Vivint.While 2GIG was never owned by Vivint, the two companies have had a long association. They shared some of the same investors before the Blackstone acquisition: Goldman Sachs, Jupiter Partners,
beats headphones target Nortek to buy 2GIG for
Peterson Partners and Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen.Vivint is also the largest single customer for 2GIG’s products, although in 2012, 2GIG derived more revenue from its 2,000 other dealers than from Vivint. The company sold more than 300,000 systems, with about 160,000 to customers other than Vivint, according to Todd Santiago, president of 2GIG.Duane Paulson, Linear SVP, product and market development, said Linear’s philosophy is to “connect and be in control” of the three product pillars: security, access control and integrated systems, and health and wellness. Linear is a major provider of PERS products.”All of the products [now and in the future] will link into the residential security control system, the commercial access control system or what evolves out of our PERS business,” Paulson said.The entire 2GIG team, including Lance Dean, will join Linear. The exception is Santiago who will join Vivint in the newly created position of chief sales officer. He will begin transitioning to Vivint during the next few weeks.”I’ll assume responsibility for existing and future sales verticals at Vivint,” Santiago said. “We have our sights set on additional sales verticals, including commercial and international expansion.”Lance Dean said: “Todd has been a huge part of why 2GIG has been so successful . It has been great having him as my partner these past four years. He has a great opportunity and I know he’ll do a great job in his next role and we will miss him.”The Nortek acquisition of 2GIG will be financed with a combination of cash on hand and Nortek’s credit facility. It is subject to regulatory approval. Executives expect the deal to close in the next 30 days.
beats headphones target Nortek to buy 2GIG for

beats headphones sale Nortek Security Control merges with Core Brands

beats by dr dre solo headphones Nortek Security Control merges with Core Brands

CARLSBAD and PETALUMA, Calif. Nortek Security Control (NSC) and Core Brands yesterday announced a merger.

Mike O’Neal leads the new combined company, operating under the NSC brand, as its president. The companies are currently being integrated, O’Neal told Security Systems News, and the process should be mostly finalized by the end of the year.

Nortek Security Control provides smart connected devices and systems for residential, security, access control, and digital health markets. The company’s brands include 2GIG, GoControl, Linear, Mighty Mule and Numera. Core Brands focuses on control, audio, power management, connectivity and video distribution through its brands ELAN, SpeakerCraft, Gefen, Niles, Panamax, Proficient, Furman, Sunfire and Xantech. Both companies are subsidiaries of Melrose Industries, which purchased Nortek Inc. in 2016.

The merger is “part of a larger plan that Melrose has to help reposition all of the businesses as a stronger competitor, long term, in the smart home, security space,” O’Neal said.

“We’ve consolidated into one organizational unit under access control, audio video, home control,
beats headphones sale Nortek Security Control merges with Core Brands
security all of it,” O’Neal said. All of these items, within the Internet of Things, fit into residential, small to medium businesses, and commercial environments, he noted.

“Pulling together the engineering and the product management capabilities to be able to think about the business in a broader context and not in a more narrow perspective,” O’Neal said. “We can make the best garage door opener in the world, but if it doesn’t connect, then it’s going to have very limited life. The same thing will be true of any of the products that we sell today.”

Core Brands president, Joe Roberts, is now NSC’s executive vice president of marketing and innovation, responsible for driving product vision across the new company. “The market is demanding a broader range of solutions that work better together across product categories, and this is a major focus of our innovation,” Roberts said in a prepared statement. “In particular, our 2GIG and ELAN integration creates opportunities that perfectly address the connected smart home market and the evolving needs of our customers.”

Being under the same parent company has made the companies’ integration easier because of commonalities in processes, such as financial management, legal management and manufacturing, O’Neal noted.

“The significant thing here, for us and for everyone, is that this entire market that we’re dealing with is going to morph significantly in the next five or so years, and we need to be prepared to move with the market wherever it goes,” he said.

O’Neal continued, “We have the capabilities, we have a significant number of engineers, a factory, distribution, some good brands, lots of good stable products and I think this is part of preparing us for being a stronger competitor as that market shifts and as people and customers start to demand more from their smart systems.”
beats headphones sale Nortek Security Control merges with Core Brands

dr dre solo beats headphones NORMAL HEART MUSCLE

doctor dray beats headphones NORMAL HEART MUSCLE

Gross anatomy: The mammalian heart is a double pump in which the right side operates as a low pressure system delivering de oxygenated blood to the lungs, while the left side is a high pressure system delivering oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. The walls of the right ventricle are much thinner than those of the left, because the work load is lower for the right side of the heart.

There is a dense cartilaginous ring between the atria and the ventricles, which forms a secure connection for the aorta and the pulmonary artery, and provides mechanical support for the four cardiac valves. The compact semilunar valves in the two outflow tracts operate without external help, but the mitral and tricuspid valves between the atria and the ventricles require the assistance of the papillary muscles and chordae tendineae to prevent them everting into the atria at the peak of the ventricular contraction (systole). This band of connective tissue also isolates the atria electrically from the ventricles, so that the atrioventricular node is the only signalling route between the four chambers.

The ventricular muscle is relatively stiff, and would take some time to fill spontaneously with venous blood during diastole. The thin, flexible atria serve to buffer the incoming venous supply, and their initial contraction at the begining of each cardiac cycle fills the ventricles efficiently in a short space of time.

Ultrastructure: In contrast to the huge polynucleate cells found in voluntary skeletal muscles, cardiac muscle cells are small with only one or two nuclei. The regular arrangement of sarcomeres within the myofibrils gives the tissue a striated pattern (like voluntary muscle) but the cardiac cells are not separately innervated. They lack motor end plates and rely instead on communicating gap junctions to transmit electrical signals directly from one cell to the next. This means that in a normal healthy heart, every cell depolarises every beat. This precludes the progressive fibre recruitment and twitch summation mechanisms that regulate contractile force in skeletal muscles, and requires a completely different system for internal signalling and biochemical control.

Cardiomyocytes are often “X” or “Y” shaped and make end to end contact with several neighbours. This may help to spread the load more evenly. Mechanical tension is transmitted from cell to cell by intercalated disks, which are specialised load bearing structures in the plasmalemma. These always interrupt the regular sequence of tension generating sarcomeres at one of the Z lines. The cytoskeletal protein dystrophin is involved in a separate load bearing system along the length of the cells, and a severe inherited cardiomyopathy eventually develops in patients where the dystrophin gene (or its cardiac promoter) is missing or damaged.

Metabolism: Cardiac muscle can achieve the highest sustained metabolic rate of all the tissues in the human body. Up to 40% of the cell volume may be occupied by mitochondria, and most of the remainder is taken up by contractile fibrils. Adult cardiomyocytes are incapable of cell division and are totally specialised for energy production and mechanical work. The biochemistry of muscle contraction is described in the separate muscle pages.

The continuous energy demand can only be satisfied by aerobic metabolism. The heart’s capacity to generate ATP by anaerobic glycolysis is severely limited, and it will not support normal contractile or electrical activity. Glucose entry into cardiac cells is insulin dependent, and under normal circumstances the organ shows a distinct preference for free fatty acids, ketone bodies and (to a lesser extent) blood lactate, all of which are completely oxidised to carbon dioxide and water.

The heart muscle is supplied with blood via the coronary arteries, which arise from the aorta immediately behind the aortic valves. Most of the cardiac veins drain into the coronary sinus, which empties directly into the right atrium. Cardiac muscle has a very high arteriovenous oxygen extraction, which may exceed 90%. Most tissues extract only about 30% of the available oxygen from the blood. The lack of reserve capacity, and the near absence of any any colateral circulation from vessels supplying other areas of the heart, can lead to catastrophic problems if a major branch of a coronary artery becomes blocked through atherosclerosis, leading to a heart attack. Myocytes downstream of the block die and release their contents into the cardiac veins and lymph ducts. This leads to a charteristic elevation of cardiac enzymes in blood plasma. The dead tissue is known as a myocardial infarct. If the patient survives the affected area is invaded by macrophages and fibroblasts. It is eventually re organised as scar tissue, with a permanent loss of cardiac capacity.

Laplace’s law: is an important physical constraint on cardiac performance. It relates the internal pressure “P” inside a spherical bubble of radius “R” to the surface tension “T” in the walls. The law states that

Bubbles will swell or shrink until this relationship is precisely satisfied. It is very easily derived. But

The law follows directly from the two equations above. The practical effect is that it requires more wall tension to generate the same internal pressure in a large sphere than it does in a small one. Laplace’s law governs fluid pumping by any approximately spherical chamber, including hearts. [It would not, for example, apply to a linear piston pump.] It implies that as the heart fills up with blood then the muscle will find itself at an increasing mechanical disadvantage and the chambers will become more difficult to empty. This has obvious implications for dilated cardiomyopathy, but without some very effective countervailing mechanism, even healthy hearts could not operate successfully.

The Starling mechanism: If the heart chambers are initially distended with blood, the ensuing beat is much more forceful than if the chambers were initially empty. This more than compensates for the mechanical disadvantage imposed by Laplace’s law, so that the aortic output pressure actually rises as the venous filling pressure is increased. It is essential that heart muscle should respond to stretching in this way, since otherwise the circulatory system would be unstable and pumping would become impossible whenever the ventricles were full. The relationship was first reported by Starling about 80 years ago, although the precise mechanism has been disputed. The most likely explanation is that calcium ion release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum is greatly increased when the SR is mechanically stretched. The relationship is not fixed and the shape of the curve depends on the outflow resistance. The graph will be shifted to the left by inotropic agents such as catecholamines which increase the inherent contractility of the heart. Negative inotropes like acetyl choline will move the curve to the right.

The curve “turns over” at very high filling pressures, but this descending limb of the Starling curve is not attained under physiological conditions.

Congestive heart failure is characterised by inadequate contractility, so that the ventricles have difficulty in expelling sufficient blood. This leads to a rise in venous blood pressures, which may, temporarily, achieve a new equilibrium where cardiac output is maintained through the Starling mechanism. However, the raised venous pressures impair fluid drainage from the tissues and produce a variety of serious clinical effects.

Right sided heart failure causes lower limb oedema. Blood pooling in the lower extremities is associated with intravascular clotting and thromboembolism. Left sided heart failure produces pulmonary oedema and respiratory distress. Very frequently both sides of the heart may fail at the same time. digitalis, catecholamines) would be sufficient to resolve the problem. In some circumstances such treatment might be appropriate, but it is likely to increase the cardiac oxygen demand. This may not be helpful in patients suffering from ischaemic heart disease. However, it makes very little difference to the oxygen requirement whether or not the heart actually succeeds in emptying. The principal determinant for cardiac oxygen consumption is the PT integral (the area under the left ventricular pressure versus time curve) and the volume of blood pumped has only a minor influence on the result. It may therefore be more effective to treat congestive heart failure with diuretics (which relieve venous congestion by reducing the total blood volume) and by lowering the peripheral vascular resistance. These measures will assist ventricular emptying by reducing the work load on the heart.

Electrical activity: Unlike voluntary skeletal muscles, cardiac muscle does not require any nervous stimulation in order to contract. Each beat is initiated by the spontaneous depolarisation of pacemaker cells in the sino atrial (SA) node, located where the great veins empty into the right atrium. These cells trigger the neighbouring atrial cells by direct electrical contacts and a wave of depolarisation spreads out over the atria, eventually exciting the atrio ventricular (AV) node, located at the top of the interventricular septum. Contraction of the atria precedes that of the ventricles, forcing extra blood into the ventricles and eliciting the Starling response. The electrical signal from the AV node is carried to the ventricles by a specialised bundle of conducting tissue (the bundle of His) which divides into several bundle branches within the interventricular septum. [Damage to these conducting bundles, or to the AV node, produces the clinical conditions of partial or complete heart block, where the atria and the ventricles contract independently.] The conducting tissues are derived from modified cardiac muscle cells, and are known as . They have a reduced content of contractile proteins, and a much higher conduction velocity, than ordinary cardiomyocytes. The conducting bundles divide repeatedly as they spread out through the myocardium to coordinate electrical and contractile activity across the heart. Acetyl choline, acting through M2 muscarinic receptors, reduces the spontaneous firing rate of the sinoatrial node, and also depresses conduction velocity through the and the force of the ensuing ventricular contractions. Catecholamines, acting through beta 1 receptors and adenyl cyclase have the opposite effects.

The cardiac cycle: The diagram below shows the principal events in the normal cardiac cycle, for an individual with a blood pressure of 120/80 and a heart rate of 75 beats/min. The papillary muscles are activated early during systole, and prevent the eversion of the delicate leaflets of the mitral and tricuspid valves. [Infarcts that involve these muscles can lead to valvular incompetence.] The first heart sound “lub” is associated with the closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves near point 1 and the second sound “dup” with the closure of the aortic valve at point 2. Three important indices of cardiac contractility are the left ventricular end diastolic pressure [edp] (measured just before the mitral valve closes), the maximum rate of left ventricular pressure increase [dP/dT (max)] and the peak systolic pressure [psp]. Ventricular activation is actually spread over about 75 msec, and the action potential therefore represents a “typical” cell. Note the very different voltage scales used for the ECG and the action potential recording.

The electrocardiogram [ECG] is an important non invasive source of diagnostic information. Although a constant cardiac membrane potential produces no measurable electrical effect at the surface of the body, the spread of excitation through the heart generates small resultant voltages which can be detected by electrodes attached to the skin. The spread of excitation is affected by many disease processes, and therefore provides important clues about the nature of the underlying defects. The ECG signal is about one hundred times smaller than the action potentials recorded using microelectrodes from individual cells. It reflects the summation of innumerable tiny currents from billions of cardiac cells, and is broadly proportional to muscle mass: the left ventricular signals, for example, are much bigger than the atrial effects. The amplitude of the signal is reduced in dilated cardiomyopathy, although the reasons for this are not entirely clear.

The initial P wave is produced by the atrial depolarisation. This is followed by the QRS complex as electrical excitation spreads through the ventricles, and finally by the T wave as the ventricles repolarise towards the end of each beat. By convention the main upstroke on each trace is always called the “R” wave. It does not always reflect exactly the same event the precise shape of the ECG varies with the position of the recording electrodes, and there are considerable anatomical variations from one subject to the next.

The heart is a complex three dimensional structure, but it is convenient to represent the source of the ECG waveforms by a simple electrical dipole that changes both its size and orientation as the wave of depolarisation spreads through the muscle. It is important to realise that we are observing a vector quantity one that has both magnitude and direction, although we can only record its scalar projections on the surface of the skin. The usual locations of the recording electrodes for a full diagnostic ECG are marked on the diagram below, but for routine patient monitoring only two electrodes are normally employed.

For reasons of practical convenience the electrodes for right arm (RA) and left arm (LA) are normally attached at the wrists, and the “midline” (LL) electrode is actually attached to the left ankle. This has only minor effects on the results. Three channels [often called “leads”] are usually recorded simultaneously, and the equipment can be used in three distinct ways:

To compare the signals from the RA, LA and LL electrodes, using the polarities show on the diagram above. The positive and negative inputs to lead I [also called channel I] are connected to LA and RA respectively, lead II between LL and RA and lead III between LL and LA. These three leads are often referred to as the limb leads to distinguish them from the precordial leads attached to the front of the chest. The objective is to determine the spatial orientation of the main electrical vector generating the QRS complex at the beginning of systole. This vector normally points downwards to the left at about 60 degrees below the horizontal, but in healthy people may be anywhere between horizontally left and vertically downwards. Deviations beyond this range are described as right or left axis deviation, and may indicate a variety of pathological states, including heart blocks, abnormal conduction pathways, premature ventricular complexes (PVCs), left or right sided hypertrophy, lung diseases and tumours.

To compare the signal from one limb electrode with the average signal from the other two. Thus the aVR lead compares the signal from the right arm electrode with the left arm and left leg connected together, aVL analogously with the left arm, and aVF with the left foot. This yields similar information to leads I, II and III but the coordinate system is effectively rotated through 30 degrees, and the signals are generally larger, which may be more convenient.
dr dre solo beats headphones NORMAL HEART MUSCLE

beat headphones in ear Nominated ‘True Story’ Movies Are Based On Lies

beats headphones cheap Nominated ‘True Story’ Movies Are Based On Lies

The Oscars are Hollywood’s annual celebration of itself, during which stars present each other with trophies to congratulate one another on their billion dollar games of make believe. As is typically the case, many of this year’s Oscar contenders are based on “true stories,” presumably because telling an important real life story is often the best way to win a statue of a naked golden man who’s armed with a sword for some inexplicable reason. And as is also typically the case, most of these movies were more than happy to sacrifice some of the more inconvenient details of the events they claim to be retelling for the sake of being more marketable. For instance .

A lot of fucked up stories have come out about the production of The Revenant. There’s Leonardo DiCaprio eating raw bison liver, insanely uncooperative weather, and reports of a 22 year old actor being dragged naked on the cold ground. Which, to be fair, is still the least degrading thing a young actor has had to do to appear in a big Hollywood movie.

All of this has been in the service of telling a brutally realistic look at the life of Hugh Glass, a real frontiersman whose name was a few letters off from being one of Bart Simpson’s prank phone call identities. The story finds Glass being attacked by a bear which, because Internet entertainment journalism is basically a slumber party game of broken telephone, was erroneously reported by some as the character being raped by the bear.

20th Century Fox

No, not that one.

While the actual story of Hugh Glass is legitimately badass, there are a few huge differences between the historical events and the story told in The Revenant. For starters, there’s no record that Glass even had a son, much less one who was murdered by his former compatriots. Plus, he looked less like Leonardo DiCaprio and more like if Kenny Rogers were a Mad Max villain.

via The Daily Mail

Know when to (just) walk away, know when to run

Glass was left for dead, but the pair who buried him did so because they were afraid of being attacked by natives. And when Glass miraculously climbed out of his death hole and tracked down the guys who left him behind, he wasn’t motivated by revenge he merely wanted his shit back.

The pairing of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks has given us a multitude of stories, ranging from one of the most exciting dramatizations of World War II heroism to the less than exciting tale of some guy living in a goddamned airport.

Another key component of the story is the U 2 which is not a band that forces its music onto people’s personal devices like reverse burglars, but rather an American spy plane that was shot down over the Soviet Union. The pilot of the plane, Gary Powers, was captured and imprisoned by the Russians. In the film, Powers is seen rotting away in a filthy jail,
beat headphones in ear Nominated 'True Story' Movies Are Based On Lies
routinely tortured by interrogators who won’t allow him to sleep until he gives up classified information.”Not bleak enough. Can we CG the water to pee?”

This is purposefully contrasted with the clean American jail, in which the captive Soviet spy is gently awoken from a sound slumber by a soft spoken guard like he’s getting a wake up call from the concierge at a Holiday Inn.

The Danish Girl tells the story of artist Einar Wegener, who became Lili Elbe, one of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery and a celebrated pioneer for the trans community. The movie presents Einar’s predilection for crossdressing as something that begins as a fun game between he and his wife, Gerda.

The historical consensus seems to be that Gerda was bisexual, with different historians insisting that Gerda “lived openly as a lesbian” and that “Lili and Gerda were very much on an adventure together.” Consequently, the idea that Einar’s sexual awakening caused any kind of rift in their marriage seems kind of laughable.

Straight Outta Compton left out some key biopic esque details, such as all the times Dr. Dre beat the shit out of women. These include his girlfriend and a TV journalist, whom he choked and tried to throw down a flight of stairs. It seems the latter incident was in an earlier draft of the script, but was eventually cut, possibly because the filmmakers didn’t want a scene wherein their main character treats women like John McClane on the wing of a taxing jumbo jet. So many people called bullshit on this glossing over of a reality of documented abuse that even Apple (who recently acquired the unfortunately named Beats by Dre) made a statement on the matter. Arabian Prince, a founding member of the group, left right before the album Straight Outta Compton came out, but he still contributed a track to the record and posed for the cover a fact that’s glaringly apparent when comparing the five guys on the poster to the six guys on the album

, Universal Music Group

But it’s not like they show the cover in the mov A deleted scene explains him off as a hobo who photobombs the shoot.

The movie is divided into three segments, each featuring a different product launch. We see the backstage shenanigans of Jobs, who spends most of his time denying his paternity of his daughter and yelling at people. The second segment of the movie takes place after Jobs was fired from Apple and was in the midst of launching the NeXT. While that computer was ultimately a failure, the movie tells us that this was all part of Jobs’ Machiavellian scheme to create an OS that Apple would want to buy, thus setting the stage for his triumphant return to the company.

Apple did acquire NeXT, but that wasn’t part of any scheme by Jobs to return as CEO. In fact, once Jobs was bought out by Apple, he was awarded 1.5 million shares in the company, which he sold as soon as legally possible. Gently speaking, this is the kind of thing that makes a company look only somewhat more attractive than late stage genital cancer, and it almost destroyed Apple.
beat headphones in ear Nominated 'True Story' Movies Are Based On Lies

beats No punishment for dad who tried to attack Larry Nassar in court

beat headphones on sale No punishment for dad who tried to attack Larry Nassar in court

Margraves looked at Nassar, shook his head and called him a profanity while speaking at the courtroom podium. The judge cautioned Margraves against using such language. He then asked for “five minutes” alone with Nassar. The judge said she couldn’t allow that. Margraves asked for one minute, but she again declined.

The father then lunged at Nassar, who was sitting nearby.

Crying could be heard in the courtroom as Nassar was escorted out. Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis told families in the courtroom to “use your words,” not physical violence.

“This is letting him have this power over us,” she said. “We cannot behave like this. I understand this is a remarkable situation. But you cannot do this. This is not helping your children. This is not helping your community. This is not helping us.”

The incident occurred during the third and final sentencing hearing for Nassar on sexual abuse charges. The charges in this case focus on his work with Twistars, an elite Michigan gymnastics club. The judge resumed the hearing after about 25 minutes.

More than 30 victims have given statements so far during the hearing, which began Wednesday and resumed Friday morning.

During a similar hearing that ended last week, more than 150 girls and women came forward to say Nassar abused them under the guise of medical treatment while he worked with Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics. He was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison in that case. He had already been sentenced to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges.

Earlier Friday, the judge opened the hearing by saying controversial comments made by one of Nassar’s attorney the previous day were “unfortunate.” The lawyer, Shannon Smith, told radio station WWJ that she had doubts about the large number of women and girls who say they are victims. Cunningham said was unfortunate Smith made the comments during the sentencing proceedings.

“What is relevant is for the court to hear each individual story and how the criminal actions of the defendant impacted each individual’s life,” Cunningham said.
beats No punishment for dad who tried to attack Larry Nassar in court

beat headphones china No longer just white ear buds

beats headphone No longer just white ear buds

NEW YORK When iPods hit the scene 10 years ago, the small, white ear buds that came with the devices became the symbol for listening to music on the go.

More and more people are expressing themselves with pricey headphones, with some fashion forward music lovers rocking updated versions of the oversized headsets popular in earlier eras.

Bose has been known for its larger headphones in recent years, and now celebrities have taken note and aided in the resurgence of the ear amplifiers. In 2008, Monster launched Beats by Dre with Dr. Dre, and it is the most recognizable of celebrity branded headphones. Monster later released headphones with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Daft Punk, Nick Cannon and LeBron James.

This year, 50 Cent, Quincy Jones and Ludacris released their own line of headphones.

Dre, the Grammy winning rap legend who has produced hits for Eminem, 2Pac, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige, says he is offended when he sees people using generic headphones.

almost like a knife in the heart, he said while promoting the headphones last year. in the studio, at least me, for years at a time trying to work on music, tweaking it, trying to get the sound right, and for people to walk around and listen to the music on those cheap white headphones is ridiculous. The cheapest set costs $100, and the most expensive pair is $500. 50 Cent Sync by 50 ranges from $130 to $400, and the lowest price for Soul by Ludacris is $70; the highest is $300. (Partial sales from 50 Cent and Cannon headphones go to charity.)

go out and spend three, four hundred dollars on an iPod, and then you go put your earphones in and your iPod sounds like crap, said Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope, A and Geffen Records and co launcher of Beats by Dre, as he was standing with Dre. is about releasing the sound that in the iPod.

how we seeing the market, she said. have two, three, even four sets for different purposes. Its newest series, the Balanced Armature, is billed as the and lightest in ear digital noise canceling headphones in the market today. It ranges from $80 to $500, and Sony says that although the headphones are small in size, they can high resolution sound. Diddy said that was his contribution to his line, Diddybeats.

only did we want to have the best sound, we wanted to have the best looking ear bud, and we want it to come in flavors, he said when his line came out.

He compared his headphones to the of a Ferrari, and added that the look matches its high sound quality.

Oversized headphones were a big trend in the 1970s and 1980s a time when hip hop was emerging as a genre and people walked around with boomboxes, blasting a sound that Lee believes the iPod generation has missed out on.

you [in the] baby boomer generation, you grew up with speakers [but] during the transition from an audio world to a video world, we kind of lost the audio in favor of the video development, he said. iPod generation they never got to hear really deep bass.

understand that they trying to make it more attractive to a hip hop demographic with the bass and stuff like that, but you listen to other music that isn from that genre [and] it way off balance, he said in a recent interview.

Iovine oversees record labels that are subsidiaries of Universal Music, the home to artists who have released headphones through Monster such as Lady Gaga, Diddy and Bieber, as well as acts like Rihanna, Kanye West, Eminem, the Black Eyed Peas and Lil Wayne. Iovine has been able to promote Monster headphones in music videos for Universal artists, from Nicki Minaj to Maroon 5. Bono, who has a version of Beats by Dre that benefits his Product Red Group, presented a pair to Jon Stewart when he visited his show last month.

50 Cent says the celebrity attachment to headphones helps give the product an identity.

generic public is responding to products associated with living people. When you say Bose or Sony, I think of buildings. It a corporation, it not a person associated with it that has respect within hip hop culture or pop culture, he said.

But unlike Universal, the other major labels Sony, EMI and Warner have yet to really use their rosters to promote headphones. Noblecilla of Sony wouldn comment on whether the company had plans to do so, but said people buy their headphones for the and the quality that we provide.
beat headphones china No longer just white ear buds

doctor dray beats headphones no change in the drivers I see everyday

beats headphones website no change in the drivers I see everyday

As much as I appreciate (and support) the new policy, it’s going to be a tougher one to properly enforce. Much like busting someone for shoplifting, you’ve got to be caught in the actual act. Assumption by a police officer in this instance could result in being wrong which could then equal a lawsuit or a media headache.

My main concern in all of this is how it expands an officer’s right to pull someone over for ‘probable cause.’ Does now looking down for any reason create this cause? Changing the channel on a radio? There are many activities you do in a vehicle that can be easily mistaken for fiddling with a cell phone. I hope adequate training is being given to SAPD on this issue.

It’s not the phone over one ear as much as the hand holding it is not on the steering wheel, severely limiting anyone’s ability to react and avoid hazards. Which this ordinance tries to address.

You do understand that engaging in a conversation with someone who is not physically present actually requires more of your attention than pretty much any other legal activity you could do as the driver of a car. Which this ordinance doesn’t address. The simple fact is that while I may see any of these outlandish behaviors once in a while, I see people on the phone causing accidents and near misses every single day of my commute. It is a problem and pretending you (in general) are that 0.0001% part of the population who can truly multitask is folly.

This is the seatbelt argument all over, except the offenders in this case are a danger to others and not just themselves.

Actually, I did witness two people get pulled over for cell phone use. I was sitting in traffic last week on the I 10 access road between Huebner and DeZavala. A cop on a motorcycle was slowly going in between cars when he stopped on the right side blind spot of this white Subaru. He looked thru the side window for about 20 seconds, then turned on his lights and pulled her over in the Taco Cabana parking lot.

This past friday, there was a patrol car sitting in the turn lane on DeZavala across from the entrance to Walmart. He was looking at every car that drove by and the ones waiting for the light. While I was waiting for traffic to move, he pulled over a car next to me. I saw her texting as I sat there.
doctor dray beats headphones no change in the drivers I see everyday

red beat headphones NIOGA Library System Launching Campaign Aimed at Engaging Young Adults

beats by dr dre headphones NIOGA Library System Launching Campaign Aimed at Engaging Young Adults

NIOGA, a nonprofit cooperative library system, is launching a new campaign aimed at young adults in Niagara, Orleans and Genesee Counties to call their attention to the vast resources available at their local library, including free Wi Fi, video games, music and video streaming, and eBook downloads.

“Libraries nationally are facing tough competition as on demand technology becomes more and more accessible,” said Tom Bindeman, executive director of NIOGA Library System. “But the advantage that libraries have is that we offer the same content for free. We just need to make more people aware of that.”

NIOGA will launch its “There’s More to Check Out at Your Local Library” campaign on April 11, just in time for National Library Week. Twenty libraries will participate in the campaign that features a series of posters, social media and web content, and a contest.

A core component of NIOGA’s new campaign is the Check Out Challenge in which young adults or any interested individuals are encouraged to complete a series of tasks at their local library (such as streaming free music, checking out a newly released video game or movie, connecting to the free Wi Fi, or taking a selfie and posting it to social media using CheckOutChallenge) for the chance to win prizes. The grand prize awarded will be an iPad Air 2, second prize will be an Xbox One, and third prize will be Beats by Dre headphones. Those wishing to participate can pick up a challenge card from their local library beginning on April 11.

“We’re excited to launch this campaign to draw attention to our youth oriented programs and reintroduce millennials to the library,” said Sue Border, director of the Woodward Memorial Library in LeRoy, NY. “Whether it’s unique programs and events or the free access to invaluable resources you’d be charged for anywhere else, there’s really so much more to check out at your local library.”

About NIOGA Library System

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red beat headphones NIOGA Library System Launching Campaign Aimed at Engaging Young Adults

beats headphones red Nine ways to make them listen

beats by dre headphones for cheap Nine ways to make them listen

Feel like you’ve told your children the same thing countless times and they’re still not listening? Before you lose your temper, try our tips which are guaranteed to make them pay attention

Let face it, asking kids to do something over and over again drives us all nuts. At school, they do as they told. Your partner comes home and they do what he or she says. But you ask them do to the simplest thing and suddenly they deaf and you invisible. We’ve all been there, but yelling at the kids isn’t the way to get them on your side longterm. It could even make things more difficult.

Have faith even the most persistent non listener can change! Just remember, lay down the basic ground rules and be consistent it’s much more effective than shouting and yelling, plus you’ll be a great role model.

1. What’s really wrong? See if there a root cause for the bad behaviour. Often children are just tired or hungry. Maybe they been teased at school that day, or are jealous of a new sibling.

is usually a reason for bad behaviour. It may be that Dad comes home at 8pm and the child never sees him, or that you too busy to ever play with them, says Suzie Hayman, a family counsellor. we punishing children for making justifiable complaints. Tell them you may not be able to change the situation, but that you can listen. One thing at a time It no good ordering a five year old to simultaneously put away his clothes, tidy his crayons, and stop bashing two year old sister head against the wall. Start with what most important (his sister skull) and when one task is done, move on to another.

3. Don’t back down If your child misbehaves, don let it go for the sake of an easy life. If she makes such a fuss about brushing her teeth that you allow her to go to bed with a mouthful of chocolate, she expect it from now on.

4. Think positive parenting It better to give approval for good behaviour than disapproval for bad. should not be generic but geared toward the specific action: for putting your clothes in the drawer or for sharing your toys with your brother says Dr Howard Sloane, an educational psychologist. should also come nearly immediately after the behaviour has occurred, or as close to it as possible. Be specific If there is something you don like, let them know using simple, clear language that points out the problem. When Junior pulls all the food from the fridge, it no good saying being horrid, stop it!
beats headphones red Nine ways to make them listen
Instead, say: take the food out of the fridge, please. Pick the carrots and butter up and put them back on the shelves. Similarly, ask for what you DO want in a specific way. tidy your room! doesn work. put your toys in the box, please then put your sandals back in the wardrobe, does. Get them involved while you’re tidying, and make it fun.

6. Be a good role model very important that you model your own behaviour on the behaviour you want them to emulate, says Suzie Hayman. means you don shout, you listen, and you explain. If they are doing something you don like, don lose your temper. Ask them politely to explain what is going on. Never use bribes or threats Instead, let your kids know the negative consequences of their actions, such as dirty clothes on the floor means no pretty party dress to wear to their friend birthday. issue most don explain is the difference between threats and appropriate consequences, says Dr Sloane. in advance you clean your room you can watch telly stresses that sometimes by not cleaning your room someone will later offer a bribe to clean it. Waiting until they clean their room and then offering it is much, much better. Three steps for better behaviour Even if you’ve had little success with it in the past, make the naughty step or a time out area work for you alongside some solid house rules and a reward system: make it clear to your kids what kind of behaviour is acceptable in your home, and make ‘good listening’ one of the points on the reward chart.

9. Reward good behaviour Reward charts help with showing approval for specific actions and are an easy, clear cut way for children to gain immediate approval. You can make a game of good behaviour exchange sticker chart stars for fun rewards, such as Mummy reading their favourite story for the millionth time, Daddy wearing a silly hat while eating dinner, or them wearing a silly hat to a meal, bed, wherever. Use your and their imaginations. And have fun!
beats headphones red Nine ways to make them listen

beats monster headphones Nike shows it can stay ahead of the competition

cheap beats by dr dre headphones Nike shows it can stay ahead of the competition

The day 15 year old golf prodigy Michelle Wie turned professional, she received a four year contract from Nike that will pay her up to $5 million annually. Her youth and intent to compete in some men’s events should help Nike Golf invigorate a lackluster golf market.

Fancy footwork is required to stay ahead of fierce competition. regulatory approval for its $3.8 billion takeover of Reebok International Ltd., scheduled to be completed in the first half of next year.

That combination will have an estimated 30 percent of the world’s athletic shoe market. In addition, Reebok’s acquisition of The Hockey Co. last year gave it the lead over the Nike Bauer Hockey subsidiary in sales of hockey apparel and equipment.

Nonetheless, the famous Nike brand and swoosh logo gives it great reach and allows it to charge premium prices. It is, for example, the top selling brand in China. media advertising budget last year, Nike shows no signs of relinquishing sales leadership.

Amid continued market anxiety about the outlook for consumer spending, Nike Class B (NKE) shares are down 10 percent this year, after gains of 32 percent last year and 54 percent in 2003.

Chairman Phil Knight, who started the firm by selling track shoes out of his car trunk in 1964, owns a quarter of its Class B common stock. Johnson was named president and chief executive late last year. sales of styles such as Air Jordan. Expiration of quotas on imported apparel this year has given manufacturers greater flexibility on where clothing can be made. But about half of Nike sales are overseas in 160 countries, making it susceptible to currency fluctuations.

The consensus Wall Street recommendation on Nike is a “buy,” according to Thomson Financial. That consists of six “strong buys,” seven “buys” and four “holds.”

Earnings are expected to rise 17 percent this fiscal year versus 10 percent expected for the apparel, footwear and accessories industry. Next year’s projected increase of 10 percent is in line with its peers. The five year annualized growth rate forecast is 14 percent, versus 11 percent industrywide.

In June 1999, we opened Education Individual Retirement Accounts for our children in Janus Twenty Fund.

Even though this fund owns 37 stock names rather than 20 as its name implies, the concentrated portfolio can be hit hard whenever several positions misfire. It performs badly in bear markets.

The $10 billion Janus Twenty Fund (JAVLX) rose 15 percent during the past 12 months to rank in the top 10 percent of large growth funds, while its three year annualized return of 17 percent puts it in the upper 12 percent of its peers.

Currently closed to new investors, Janus Twenty does offer positives such as a low, 0.89 annual expense ratio and an experienced portfolio manager.

“Janus Twenty is for an aggressive growth investor and should be a very small portion of your overall portfolio, not a core holding,” said Gareth Lyons, analyst with Morningstar Inc. in Chicago.
beats monster headphones Nike shows it can stay ahead of the competition