Htc One V – Pocket-Friendly Android Phone

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Its Features – This handset almost certainly first phones made for that Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the new HTC Sense 4 User Dock. If you are familiar with an Android phone, then you will have any issue in operating this mobile. You will find 7 customizable homepages on this handset. That they can be scrolled through and you can do populate your phone with widgets and apps as well. If scrolling is not for you, you’ll then pinch the right through this handset. The phone packs decent features such as 8MP shutter with 1080p video capture capability. You will also get 16GB worth of memory using this handset. But as expected, you won’t be able to expand the phone’s cognizance. You will also get the same beats audio headphones technology found on other HTC handsets.

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You will also notice an unibody design on until this. The phone’s metal strip is a part of its unibody aluminum body. It comes with curved glass into addition to the phone’s 4.3″ Lcd display. It protects the phone’s LCD from every scratches. This kind of is most particularly true when cell phone is facing down.

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