monster beats headphones by dr. dre Youth series in Pictou County to provide outlet for musical talent

dre beats headphones sale Youth series in Pictou County to provide outlet for musical talent

community engagement sessions youth had said they needed a place to go to, to further their career in music, and they wanted to be able to have a stage to do that, says Jake Chisholm,
monster beats headphones by dr. dre Youth series in Pictou County to provide outlet for musical talent
who is helping to organize the event as program and events assistant for the Town of New Glasgow.

Out of that was born the idea for a youth coffee series during which youth could compete for prizes that would help them in their musical careers.

kind of like in a way our American Idol. competition is open to youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. They can perform as solo artists or as bands.

There will be prizes for the top three performances. First prize is for a four hour recording time with Shoebox Studios. Second place is a photo shoot with Nicefella Photography and a poster by Jay MacLeod. Third place will receive a $75 gift certificate for H Music.

As a special bonus prize, out of the first two coffee houses either a solo artist or band will be chosen to play on the youth stage for the 2017 Riverfront Jubilee.

Another will be chosen from the winners to perform on the youth stage at the Jubilee in 2018.

really excited because the youth wanted it, Chisholm said. theirs to have fun. will be specialty coffee and small snacks on sale at the concerts.

Some judges who have already agreed to take part are Karen Corbin and Shaun McLean.

wanted people on the guest panels that could provide the youth with really good critiques or advice, Chisholm said.

He hopes that these people can become mentors for the youth as they pursue their own musical career dreams.

The location will alternate between Murdock Park and in front of the New Glasgow library.

be a free concert for everyone to enjoy and listen to some tunes downtown,
monster beats headphones by dr. dre Youth series in Pictou County to provide outlet for musical talent
Chisholm said.

For more information on how to take part in the Stars of the Future competition youth can visit the Town of New Glasgow website or call Jake Chisholm at 902 752 4800.

beats headphones wholesale Youth beats experience as Visser gets another Dutch gold

the beats headphones on sale Youth beats experience as Visser gets another Dutch gold

Silver medalist Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic celebrates after the women’s 5,000 meters speedskating race at the Gangneung Oval at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Friday, Feb. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/John Locher) Silver medalist Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic celebrates after the women’s 5,000 meters speedskating race at the Gangneung Oval at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea, Friday, Feb. 16, 2018.

The 22 year old Visser won the 5,000 meters on Friday while 45 year old Claudia Pechstein faded and fell short of a fourth gold over the distance.

”It was a fun skate,” Visser said, undaunted but the multiple Olympic champions she faced.

Two time defending champion Martina Sablikova, who has been troubled by a bad back, gave Visser the toughest challenge until the final lap, settling for silver ahead of Russian skater Natalia Voronina.

Visser was hardly a factor in international skating until she qualified for the Dutch squad over Christmas. But on Friday, she gave the Netherlands a sixth gold medal out of seven races at the Olympic Oval and the first Dutch title in the event in 30 years.

Pechstein, who had won three titles over the distance and was still in great form this season, was seeking to become the oldest woman to win a Winter Olympic title. But she faded to eighth place, 15.20 seconds behind Visser.

At the Pyeongchang Games, Visser’s attitude was as lighthearted as her frame is slight. Although powerful legs usually drive long distance skaters, Visser weighs only 51 kilograms (112 pounds), the lightest of all favorites in the race.

Visser had a slow start but found her groove and clawed back into contention halfway through. Then she kept her flowing movement going, seemingly floating over the ice while some others ploughed through it.

Turning red with effort, Visser won in 6 minutes, 50.23 seconds, holding off the charging Sablikova by 1.62 seconds.

”Amazing,” Visser told Dutch broadcaster NOS. ”Zero times I skated against these girls, women actually. It was really my first contact with them. It worked out well.

”I would have been very happy with a second place or a place on the podium. But if you’re so close, you want to win. And it is cool that that happened.”
beats headphones wholesale Youth beats experience as Visser gets another Dutch gold

beat headphones studio Your Guns Need A Home Too The Manufacturer

justin bieber beats by dre headphones Your Guns Need A Home Too The Manufacturer

Access prevention is required by law in many places, necessitating a gun lock, metal gun cabinet, or gun safe. Gun safes have largely replaced the gun cabinets made of fine stained wood with etched glass fronts used for display that were commonly used decades ago, although some gun safes are made to resemble such gun cabinets.

Gun safes may include additional security features such as fire or water protection, combination lock, digital lock, and fingerprint identification.

Electronic locks well as mechanical locks are available on many models of safes. The highest reliability exists for mechanical locks, although they are often more time consuming to open than electronic locks. Some mechanical combination locks have key locks, too, that lock the combination lock dial from turning, thereby precluding casual attempts by anyone with physical access to the safe from trying multiple combinations in the hopes of unlocking the safe.

Some safes use live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal to ensure the secure protection of its contents. Very clear easy to learn more about meet and make use of. Thank all your family members for going to be the great theme that usually Responsive. Im thinking including drumming in the air some of these controversy. He was entirely the right one This submit actually made my day. It may be the hard to educate yourself regarding say. It depends. People leaving different character differs on this kind for instance situation. Video would be the fact an all in one in line with the idea also. People learn a lot more on the basis of watching than reading today. I a short while ago have gotten a little much more aggressive everywhere in the managing e mail. I have a go at for more information on change e mail frequency for more information about weekly back and forth from daily throughout the all of them are going to be the lists that I actually use. It makes it possible for your blog but take heart it also makes it possible for all your family members see what people is doing or at least didn??t a little as though about your document. Once my very own foreign family member or friend said,many of these chinese teachers don are aware of that managing teach,going to be the teacher talked on that basis much in the way during class. In fact,the student if you find that be the case the center all over the a multi function class instead such as teacher.
beat headphones studio Your Guns Need A Home Too The Manufacturer

beats dj headphones Your 2017 holiday guide to events and things to do in Battle Creek

monster beats dr. dre controltalk headphone Your 2017 holiday guide to events and things to do in Battle Creek

Whether you’re looking for lights, music or lots and lots of Santa, The Enquirer has you covered with a list of events that will keep you busy until Christmas day.

For all agesInternational Festival of Lights,nightly through Dec. Wednesdays Saturdays Nov. 24 Dec. 30; Calhoun County Fairgrounds, 720 Fair St., Marshall; $6 per car, $10 per bus; 781 8161.

Drive through this winter light display wonderland. A fundraiser for the fairgrounds.

Craft stations will be set up at businesses throughout downtown Battle Creek with projects for young and old. Saturdays from Nov. 25 to Dec. 16; downtown Battle Creek.

Go for a free ride through downtown Battle Creek to see the lights. Drop off and pickup at: Hall of Toys (Nov. 25); Battle Creek Books (Dec. 2); Trek Bicycle Store (Dec. 9); Battle Creek Welcome Center (Dec. 16). Saturday; Tibbits Opera House, 14 S.

A double feature movie night that includes the 1947 version of “Miracle on 34th Street,” withMaureen O’Hara, and “Holiday Inn,” withBing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds.

Celebration of Trees, Nov. 27 Jan. 2; Honolulu House, 107 N. Kalamazoo Ave.; 781 5163.

Up to 40 trees will be decorated by locals and on display near the Memorial Fountain. Monday, followed by the other trees and lights in downtown Marshall. Monday; downtown Marshall. There will be floats, fire trucks, marching bands and more. Dec. Dec. 2; Bohm Theatre, 201 S.

Ralphie remembers a childhood Christmas in the 1940swhen all he wanted wasa Red Ryder BB Gun, but all of the adults in his life toldhim he’ll shoot his eye out. Rated PG. Dec.

The parade will travel from Cass along Superior and ending at Erie. Dec. Dec. 9; Bohm Theatre, 201 S.

The 1959 version of the story about a woman trying to find a Santa replacement for the Macy’s Christmas Parade, only to find a man who claims to be the real Santa Claus. Dec. 8 10; Commerce Pointe, 77 E. Michigan Ave.

Actors dress up to re enact the nativity story outside of Commerce Pointe, on East Michigan Avenue. The story begins every 30 minutes. Dec.

A bull riding competition with professional riders, Saturday night will be the top riders from the night before. Dec.

Trek Bicycle Store is coordinatingfree snow bike races and children races down Michigan Avenue, followed by Team Trivia.

The Governor’s Mansion is a historic house, now museum, that is owned and operated by the Mary Marshall Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
beats dj headphones Your 2017 holiday guide to events and things to do in Battle Creek

beat dr dre headphone Young Roanoke beat maker finds a ‘Major Key’ to success

monster beats by dr. dre tour in-ear headphones Young Roanoke beat maker finds a ‘Major Key’ to success

On Sunday night in Los Angeles, hip hop impresario DJ Khaled’s “Major Key” will be up for a Grammy Award for best rap album.

The disc features performances from across the hip hop spectrum, including Drake, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Rayshon Cobbs Jr., a quiet, unassuming 22 year old who lives in Roanoke.

Receive today’s headlines in your inbox with our daily news emailOn the other side of the country, the former Roanoker who helped Cobbs start his career will be rooting for him. Wayne Hancock II, 40, a singer and rapper who has lived in Philadelphia for more than six years, started working with Cobbs about three years ago, pushing him to market his production skills.

Hancock said you might not necessarily notice the reserved Cobbs in a crowd, but that there is a lot going on beneath the surface.

“I’m really proud of him,” Hancock said. “And he’s proof of what can happen when hard work meets talent meets being teachable. He’s just a really humble cat.”

Cobbs’ multiple trips to Hancock’s home base exposed him to a high level of performance and production and helped him get out of his shell when it came to letting people hear his tracks.

“He took me under his wing,” said Cobbs, whose father and Hancock are longtime friends. “He showed me a lot of stuff, and I am forever grateful for that man.

“I was so much of a perfectionist then, that I would have never shared it, because I never thought it was good enough to share. But he really pushed me to get out there and share my music.”

The young man also known as “808 Ray” the number represents his drum machine of choice, the Roland TR 808 grew his skills from his Roanoke bedroom to a Patrick Henry High School electronic music class to the Music Lab at Jefferson Center. It became clear along the way, through his own experiences and through prodding from Hancock, that he needed to venture beyond Roanoke, both in real life and digitally.

“Get out of town,” he said he would advise anyone on his career path. “Get a new breath of air. Get some diversity in you. When I was in Philly, we went to the live music scene. It was mind blowing. Those guys up there, [playing] that jazz and that old Motown, I could sit and watch that all night.

“Roanoke is not bad by any means, but it’s slow down here. If you never go outside your city, you always go in an infinite circle. You never get beyond that.”

Cobbs came up with an audio program called FL Studio on his laptop. He remembers that he “dabbled, dibbed and dabbed” with it for years, up until his senior year at Patrick Henry, when he decided to take Mike Havens’ electronic music class. By the time he finished, he knew music was what he wanted to do for a living.

“That’s the only class I ever liked going to,” Cobbs said. “It was like being immersed in the music, really, seeing it on the technical side. And it was really fun. I love it.”

Cobbs arrived in Havens’ class in the fall of 2011. He was a quiet guy but was turning out some interesting projects, Havens remembered. As the semester wound down, Cobbs distinguished himself from his classmates with his remix of a Nine Inch Nails song,
beat dr dre headphone Young Roanoke beat maker finds a 'Major Key' to success
Havens said.

The teacher suggested that Cobbs enroll in the Music Lab at Jefferson Center, an after school, music performance and production center largely geared toward grades 6 12. Cobbs, who found himself staying after school to work on electronic music class projects, was short on gear at home, so he headed toward the lab, which stocks a lot of equipment and features several recording suites.

“You could get some good hands on with equipment we didn’t have at the school,” Havens said.

Cobbs found that the suites had quality speakers in a soundproofed room that dampened out reverb. At home, he had just one speaker in a bedroom where sound bounced around. The stuff he made at home sounded bad in the lab, and horrible in the all important “car test.”

“Gotta have it right in the car,” Cobbs said in an interview at the lab. “You don’t want it sounding messed up when you hear your song bumping down the street in somebody else’s car. . It really opened my mind to mixing, and how important sonics are to the record.”

When he wasn’t in school or at the lab, he was tinkering with FL Studio and Logic programs, watching YouTube tutorials and reading books on production.

As his skills grew, his father noticed. Rayshon “Blink” Cobbs called up his old friend, Hancock. The two had met as 15 year olds, when they were both in the Patrick Henry High School Men of Distinction a cappella group.

” ‘Blink’ was like, ‘Look man, I know you’re really around music,’ ” Hancock remembered. ” ‘I don’t have that professional ear or background. But I think Ray has something nice.’ ”

Hancock gigs and records frequently in Philadelphia and does artist development and coaching for about 20 people, of whom at least six are serious. He has learned not to have expectations. Then, he listened to the younger Cobbs’ tracks.

“And it was like, ‘Wow, yeah, he’s really got something,’ ” Hancock said.

Cobbs Jr., following Hancock’s advice, looked for ways to get his beats out there. He homed in on producers Marcello “Cool” Valenzano and Andre “Dre” Lyon, known as Cool Dre. The Miami area pair host “Soundcloud Tuesday,” from their studio, sharing and critiquing submitted music, for free.

“I said, I’m going to take advantage of that, because usually people like that charge hundreds of dollars just to have a session, just to tell you what you can do and tweak the beat and that’s all that happens,” Cobbs Jr. said. “You get nowhere with it.”

He sent tracks week after week, and when Cool Dre finally got to his stuff, “they didn’t have anything bad to say,” Cobbs Jr. remembered. A couple of weeks later, they played another one of his tracks. Then,
beat dr dre headphone Young Roanoke beat maker finds a 'Major Key' to success
they reached out to him.

power beats headphones Young entrepreneurs sell their products to shoppers in Cowley

lil wayne beats by dre headphones Young entrepreneurs sell their products to shoppers in Cowley

YOUNG entrepreneurs from across the county took over Templars Square shopping centre to show off their new businesses including a project to tackle drugs in Blackbird Leys.

Pupils from 14 schools sold a variety of products including water bottles, vinyl clocks, herb growing kits, and contactless card protectors at the Young Enterprise trade fair on Saturday.

It wasn’t just businesses the teenagers came up with, sixth formers from The Oxford Academy set up Think a community action group to tackle drugs use and associated crimes in the Blackbird Leys area.

The teenagers have already held a number of workshops, recorded a song, reached more than 200 followers on social media and enlisted Thames Valley Police and Oxford United as sponsors backing their campaign.

Tilesha Holmes, 17, who lives in Blackbird Leys, was one of the pupils who founded the group in September.

She said: “We are a social enterprise trying to raise awareness about drugs in our community.

“There have been a few incidents in the area recently and it’s a problem we are all aware of and that’s what was behind starting the group.”

Another member of the group, Tyrhys Luko, will perform the group’s ‘Time to Inspire’ song at the Kassam Stadium at half time when Oxford United play Bristol Rovers on February 10.

Pupils from Wheatley Park School completely sold out of their ‘Marbleous’ mugs designed in a variety of colours using nail varnish.

The group sold 30 mugs by lunchtime and had to take orders for the rest of the day.

Nikita Andreevski, 14, said: “It’s been great we have learnt a lot from the experience so far.

“It’s shown us teamwork is really important in both making and developing the product and it’s certainly given us skills we wouldn’t have otherwise gained.”

The team of Burford School pupils devised a home grown herbs business which sells ready to grow herbs in jars, along with recipe books to incorporate them into meals.
power beats headphones Young entrepreneurs sell their products to shoppers in Cowley

beats headphones discount Young Australian basketball star Ben Simmons set to cash in after reportedly signing with LeBron James

monster beats headphone cable Young Australian basketball star Ben Simmons set to cash in after reportedly signing with LeBron James

Just minutes after Simmons’ under siege Louisiana State University coach Johnny Jones announced on Monday (AEDT) that his team would opt out of playing in any post season tournaments, freeing Simmons to turn professional, Yahoo! Sports reported Simmons would sign with James’ Klutch Sports agency.

James’ agent and right hand man Rich Paul would personally look after the 19 year old.

The report, by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarwoski, was filled with other interesting tidbits, notably the line that “an arrangement for Klutch to represent Simmons has been in place for over a year”.

The Simmons James link, however, went deeper.

Simmons’ older sister Emily Bush has had a marketing/branding job at Klutch since 2014, the year the young Australian attended the Cleveland Cavaliers star’s Las Vegas camp, according to Wojnarwoski.

It is a smart business move by Simmons to link with James but it is also a smart, lucrative signing for James.

LeBron’s help could land Simmons $133m shoe dealLeBron James is the most powerful figure in the NBA,
beats headphones discount Young Australian basketball star Ben Simmons set to cash in after reportedly signing with LeBron James
taking the power position with every deal he signs.

He agreed to a two year $US46.974 million ($62.55 million) contract with the Cavaliers last year, but it gives James, not the team, the option to walk away after the first year if he is not happy.

It ensures the Cavs spend big on providing James with a strong supporting cast and fire coaches, like David Blatt, when things are not going well.

James also signed a lifetime shoe deal last year with Nike worth an estimated $US500 million ($665.78 million).

Klutch will use its influence with Nike to sign Simmons to a major shoe deal, or squeeze rivals Adidas and Under Armour to over pay.

Former Nike marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro, who signed a young Michael Jordan to his first sneaker deal, believes Simmons’ deal will be worth more than $US100 million ($133.16 million).

Simmons interestingly tweeted a photo of a pair of Nikes recently.

James, on track to follow Michael Jordan and become a billionaire NBA player, can also use his connections to introduce Simmons to the corporate world.

James earns an estimated $US50 million a year ($66.58 million) in endorsements with companies including Coca Cola (via Powerade), Beats by Dre, Samsung and Kia.
beats headphones discount Young Australian basketball star Ben Simmons set to cash in after reportedly signing with LeBron James

beats by dre headphone York Region officer shows off more than just police skills

price of beats by dre headphones York Region officer shows off more than just police skills

The actions of a York Regional Police officer was making the rounds on social media Friday but not for any negative reasons.

Const. Amy Oliver was on paid duty Thursday night, providing security at the Strada Car Meet in Vaughan, when she surprised the crowd by going on stage to showcase more than just her policing skills.

At the urging of the DJ your cameras out; this is history Oliver proceeded to drop a freestyle rap solo to Dr. that would put most aspiring artists to shame.

I a cop, Region of York, people call me pig but what wrong with pork, sings Oliver, eliciting howls of approval from the raucous crowd while not missing a beat.

Among the other pearls she dropped during the performance:

hatin needs to take a chill pill and take the time to get to know me if you will. I real, I arrest those who kill. I give warnings and I arrest those who drug deal. 100 per cent agree in love and equality. I want everyone to feel free and be like they can come to me, without saying, police don care. I wish it would stop. I would put my life on the line for you, black or not. I would have taken a bullet for both Biggie and Tupac.

the next time you try to spit something hot, just remember I the cop who protected Jenny from the block. drop.

Police spokesman Andy Pattenden says part of an officer job is to do community relations and Oliver was able to put her rap hobby to that end.

He says Oliver was a bit shy at first, but saw an opportunity to engage the crowd.

nice thing about it was the reaction from everyone afterward, he said. was kind of a cold shoulder in advance and then at the end of it the whole crowd loved her and everyone was giving her high fives, glad that she was there. is just the latest example of on duty officers showcasing their ancillary skills while interacting with public they serve.

CityNews first brought you the story of Const. Joel Clark, who answered a noise complaint in Mississauga last month. Instead of putting a stop to the backyard performance by five teenage band members, Clark got behind the drums and starting jamming along with them.

“They’re like, here to shut us down. And I’m like, worry about it, we just gotta turn it down a little bit more, said Clark.

Back in February, Durham Regional police officer Jarrod Singh was shown busting a move after police were called to a reported fight in downtown Oshawa. The incident turned out to be a music video shoot and Const. Singh, who used to be a dancer in his younger years, showed he’s still got the moves.
beats by dre headphone York Region officer shows off more than just police skills

b beats headphones Yoga meets flight at Studio Seva

beat over ear headphones Yoga meets flight at Studio Seva

Studio Seva, open since February 2012, is no ordinary yoga studio. Last month marked five years since owner Joni McCarran invested in tricot silk hammocks for the first aerial yoga practice in Fort Wayne and one year of the space hosting a conditioning class explains the hoops and ropes and elegant twists of fabric swaying from the rafters.

McCarran, who packs the strength of Paul Bunyan into the body of Thumbelina, used to teach cardio kickboxing, which mesh with yoga conditioning] works because you still moving with compassion and kindness to yourself and with your own unique expression. She also loved the gymnastic components of CrossFit, but the weight training irritated her flexible knees and hips, which is when, seeking an upper body workout using her own weight, she hung a hoop and started to play.

At first, McCarran had no interest in holding a class. But then she got a rope. Then an Internet hole procured the rest of the myriad equipment. From a comfortable cross legged lotus on the floor of the studio, she gestured over her shoulder to all the apparatuses suspended in the sunny front room.

In addition to the eight hammocks in the back one third of the studio for aerial practice, those who attend circus class learn to wrap, climb, drop, flip, twirl, dive and master various inversions on four sets of aerial silks, similar to the hammocks but upside down; three static clouds, like aerial hammocks made of rope; three hoops; three ropes (lysses); two trapeze, one static and one dance; and one set of aerial loops.

McCarran describes the circus class, which maxes out at eight participants and is often open gym style, as Continuing students practice maneuvers described on a dry erase board or in photos tacked to a corkboard while McCarran works one on one with newcomers before introducing new tricks.

don have showcases; we not doing this to perform, said McCarran. really hard, but, just like every class, it all levels. I have everybody ages, all sizes this. Same goes for the aerial classes, which also activate core muscles. a new person might feel intimidated or scared, but modifications are offered to every pose. and circus classes account for about one in five of those offered weekly at Seva. For beginners, McCarran suggests the Yoga Basics or Yoga Rope Wall class, which teaches alignment while building strength and flexibility, but stressed that every single class at Seva even Power Flow intended for all levels. no room for competition here. You going to inspire, learn from and encourage the person next to you. McCarran greets her visitors with the same blissed out smile she once found suspicious dropping her daughter off at children yoga. McCarran noticed the adult yogis glowing and happy and hugging each other! Like, what the hell are you guys doing behind those doors? In her first class eight years ago, entrepreneurial McCarran knew she found something she loved the perfect business for her.

Beyond mid air practice, McCarran approaches yoga differently. teaching style is very playful, fun, laid back, forgiving. I don have rules. It very open and honest, she said. is more physical. I not a spiritual teacher know I not. To me, it about having a good time and building each other up. (Several other notch instructors teach at Seva, too more traditional.)

The most important thing to McCarran is that everyone who comes here feels welcome. There is no judgment. We all working together and supporting each other. I just really want everybody to feel like this is home. That what I want. More than anything. (the e pronounced like in means service and an end to egoism and promoting altruism. McCarran translates that to working the betterment of a community. Unlimited yoga for a single is $45 monthly; a couple pays $65; a family of four costs $90. Drop in classes are $15 and a 40 day unlimited introduction is $40. Discounts for five, ten and 20 class packages as well as students and seniors apply.
b beats headphones Yoga meets flight at Studio Seva

ear beats dre headphones YG and DJ Mustard shape the sound of West Coast hip

red beats headphones YG and DJ Mustard shape the sound of West Coast hip

The early candidate for rap album of the year begins with a mother warning her son to stop following in the footsteps of his incarcerated father.

The colorfully delivered advice was given to Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, the 24 year old rapper better known as YG who performs Wednesday at Baltimore Soundstage. Although YG did not adhere to the counsel (he spent six months in jail for residential burglary before he signed to Def Jam in 2009), the Compton, Calif., MC proved he was on his own path with the release of “My Krazy Life,” an acclaimed first album that debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in March.

After finishing sound check in Charlotte last week, YG said that while he felt underestimated as an artist before “My Krazy Life,” he understood he shaped the perception by releasing single minded party records before it.

“I knew what I could really do, but at the same time, I had out mixtapes that just had that certain type of record on there that started my fanbase,” YG said on the phone. “That’s why I had to sit back and put the album together to shut they ass up.”

It is hard to hear detractors over the album’s booming beats, the majority of which were made by DJ Mustard, the 23 year old executive producer of “My Krazy Life.” Born Dijon McFarlane, DJ Mustard has redefined the sound of West Coast hip hop through sparse productions that emphasize open space, buoyancy and fluidity. Together, these two young friends and current tourmates from Los Angeles have been compared to another landscape shifting duo, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Mustard, who credits Lil Jon as a main influence, hopes he and YG can duplicate the older pair’s consistency.

“You see so many musicians come and go,” Mustard said on the phone from a Houston tour stop. “For me, it’s really about the longevity in the music industry. It’s not all about having a lot of hit records at one time.”

Like Snoop and Dr. Dre, the chemistry between Mustard and YG who met through a mutual friend years ago developed through hours spent in the studio. At the time, Mustard was strictly a DJ, but as YG needed more beats, Mustard began toiling with music composition computer programs. Because he lacked experience, Mustard crafted beats to the specific cadences and flows YG delivered in the recording booth. Their chemistry developed earnestly, not quickly.

“He was making beats to how I rap, that’s how he started making beats,” YG said before adding that success did not happen overnight. Dre’s “2001” and Snoop Dogg’s debut, “Doggystyle.”

Like fellow Californian Kendrick Lamar, who appears on “My Krazy Life,” YG was only interested in writing a “full studio album,” an approach he said many new rappers foolishly ignore.

“We’re doing it how you’re supposed to do it,” YG said. City.” Both are deeply personal expressions of their inner city upbringings, and both capture the beauty, humor, danger and tragedy that constantly swirled around the two. Although their attitudes and morals can differ from topic to topic, Lamar and YG are both products of unforgiving environments that found success in telling their own stories.

One particularly vivid story on “My Krazy Life” is called “Meet the Flockers.” In two minutes, YG concisely describes the setup, execution and rush of a home burglary. “If the police come, you gonna find out who your friends now,” he raps. The jarring song is simply stated and even celebratory, which underlines YG’s commitment to telling his own story, warts and all.

“I had to hit them with that [stuff] they probably hadn’t heard before,” YG said. “It’s real situations that go on on the side of town we’re from.”

Tour for YG and Mustard wraps at the end of May, and both say they will remain busy afterward. Offers to appear on other artists’ songs continue to roll in, YG said. Mustard is “about 80 percent done” his own album, “10 Summers,” and on Instagram recently, Justin Bieber previewed a new song produced by him.

Regardless of new opportunities, YG and Mustard said they would continue to work together. Their chemistry is not common, and the two share a sense of pride that comes with hard times, being doubted and ultimately, perseverance.

“When I was doing the album, I wanted to do something to try and move the culture, to move the people,” YG said. “Now, we’re the topic of discussion.”


The reign of DJ Mustard began in late 2011, when Tyga released the strip club anthem, “Rack City.” (The beat was first made for YG but he passed it along to the Young Money rapper.) Since then, Mustard’s trademark sound of easy to follow piano melodies and stark minimalism has been a fixture on rap radio.

“I could do beats with a million sounds and I could do beats with two sounds,” Mustard said. “Which one is going to make the most sense, and which one is going to sell the most records? Most of the time, it’s the simplicity.”

Besides “Rack City,” what other DJ Mustard productions should be considered essential? Here are five (songs contain explicit language):

1.) Ty Dolla Sign, “Or Nah (feat. Wiz Khalifa)”

Friend and frequent collaborator Ty Dolla Sign tries to figure out a woman’s intentions over a Mustard beat that uses the sound of a constantly squeaking bed as an anchor.
ear beats dre headphones YG and DJ Mustard shape the sound of West Coast hip